Do I Even Need A Shave Brush?

Men's shaving tips on why gents should consider using a shaving brush and the benefits of doing such -- which include fewer ingrown hairs and reduced skin irritation. So in case you’re curious, here’s what shaving brushes can do for you.
1. Softens Skin: Brushes get underneath the beard, allowing shaving products to further penetrate and tenderize.
2. Raises Whiskers: While below the beard, the brush stands facial hair at attention, making it easier for the razor to remove it. Brushes also help to lift out stubborn ingrown hairs by acting as a light exfoliant.
3. Creates A Slick Barrier: The moistened brush, combined with shaving cream, creates an ultra-lubricated coat upon which a razor can glide. Consequently, less razor pressure is required to achieve a close shave.