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Men’s body lotions are moisturizers for the whole body and are essential to preventing dry, itchy and flaky skin. Our best men’s body moisturizers also re-energize skin by providing needed nourishment and, usually, a great scent. 

Men's Body Moisturizers

Body Lotion Insight & Advice

Body Lotions provide needed hydration to the entire body to help ward off dry, itchy and uncomfortable skin. Keeping the skin well-nourished may not seem important when you’re 25, but consistently applying a body lotion will keep skin soft, smooth and minimize the signs of aging. Body lotions are typically heavier than facial moisturizers and shouldn't be used interchangeably. The top-rated Body Lotions on our site include Jack Black’s Cool Moisture Body Lotion, Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Lotionand Billy Jealousy’s Sake Bomb Body Moisturizer.