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Grooming Lounge Services

Men’s haircuts, hair color, beard trims, manicures, pedicures, skincare services and more. Get all the handsome details and pricing info here.


Men’s Haircut & Beard Services

Men’s Haircut

$66 - $80

Shampoo and conditioning treatment, scalp massage and a precision haircut and style.

Head Shave


Comb-overs aren’t acceptable. Bald is beautiful. Whatever the reason, hot lather and a blade get that noggin' clean.

Hair coloring and grey blending

$60 - $90

Expert colorists ensure unwanted shades are blended away and desired tones are added on.

Beard Trim


Whether it’s a goatee, a “Miami Vice” or a “ZZ Top,” we’ll keep it comfortable and well kempt.

Hot Lather Shave *Call Shop To Reserve*


Signature service features seven steaming hot towels, foaming lather, a shave with a triple-blade razor and a soothing face massage.

Men’s Manicure & Pedicure Services

Men’s Business Manicure


Nails trimmed, cuticles pushed back and a refreshing hand and forearm massage.

Men's Pedicure Foot Treatment


A foot massage, removal of dead skin and a nail trim. Promotes great circulation

GL Signature Men's Manicure


Ultimate manicure revitalizes “mitts” via a soothing paraffin dip, refreshing hand mask, age-defying exfoliation and an extended massage.

Signature Men's Pedicure Foot Treatment


Ultimate foot treatment/pedicure for men eliminates the “agony of de-feet” via a soothing paraffin dip, intense exfoliation and a refreshing foot mask.

Reflexology (Hands Or Feet)


Precise pressure is applied to stimulate the hands or feet to relax areas of tension or tenderness. Available for 15 or 30 Minutes.

Men’s Skincare Treatments

The GL Classic Men's Facial


Cleansing and relaxing treatment purifies and tones the face, leaving skin refreshed, revitalized and looking and feeling better than ever (40 minutes).

High-Performance, Age-Reversing Men's Facial


Ideal for aging, stressed and dehydrated faces/eye areas, energizing treatment restores moisture by maximizing cell regeneration. Includes facial massage to increase circulation and a scalp massage (60 minutes).

The Oil & Acne Eliminating Men's Facial


Deep cleansing treatment for oily or congested skin combats greasiness and shine while calming and improving the face’s overall moisture, tone and texture 60 minutes).

Maximum Skin Resurfacing Men's Facial


Resurfacing treatment expertly treats the signs of aging, dullness, tired and uneven skin tone. Relaxing service utilizes three layers of enzymes to eliminate dead skin and powerful exfoliation to reveal brand new dermis (75 minutes).



Advanced facial treatment utilizes a futuristic machine to exfoliate and remove the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells on both face and neck. Benefits include a reduction in age spots, black heads, dark skin spots and large pores. Leaves skin unbelievably refreshed and improved.

Massage Therapy

Men’s Massage Therapy *Offered Friday-Sunday*

$120 - $175

Sports, Swedish or Deep Tissue. You make the call and get your muscles and relaxation right with the assistance of our Licensed Massage Therapists. Available for $60 or $90 Minutes.

Hair Removal & Men’s Waxing

Waxing Services

If hair shouldn’t be there, we’ll remove it.

Eyebrows, Ears or Nose


Back or Chest


Half Back Wax


Private Areas… You’re On Your Own!