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I was pretty young when I started testing grooming products. Yep, that’s me at six-years old learning the ins and outs of shaving. Fast forward to 2000, when I launched Grooming Lounge as a way to help make men feel more confident and handsome. We do this via our best-in-class web site, two nationally acclaimed Barbershops & Men’s Spas in the Washington, DC region and also, our own lineup of Grooming Lounge products.

Everything Grooming Lounge does is in partnership with the highly trained technical staff (Barbers, Skin Care Professionals & other Grooming Experts) who apply their trades in our shops. In addition to the grooming services they provide, these professionals also play a huge role in the development of Grooming Lounge Products and in the selection of the other amazing brands we’re honored to offer.

Little did I know when I was six that I’d have such a great team to work with that was so dedicated to creating wow-worthy customer experiences. But all these years later we do – and together, we look forward to earning your trust and increasing your handsomeness.

Yours In Good Grooming,

Mike Gilman, Founder

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