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Dandruff makes the scalp itchy and dried out, leading to visible flakes, redness and irritation. A good men's dandruff shampoo or men's moisturizing conditioner will help fend off flakes and keep the scalp healthy and snowy shoulders at bay.

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Jack Black Nourishing Hair & Scalp Conditioner
DS Laboratories Dandrene Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Baxter of California Daily Fortifying Conditioner

Insight & Advice on Dandruff

Noticing flakes on the back of your shoulders can be a real confidence killer. Normally, skin creates new skin cells and sheds old ones at a proportional rate. Usually the lost cells are small enough to go unnoticed. The challenge happens when the dandruff-responsible fungus irritates skin, causing the scalp to produce extra skin cells, thus accelerating shedding. Other factors can include hormonal and seasonal changes, excess styling product buildup and stress.

While there’s currently no fool-proof cure for dandruff, it can be held in check by washing with quality dandruff treatment shampoos and following these steps:

    • Brushing hair more regularly
    • Washing hair daily
    • Using a light conditioner and rinsing thoroughly
    • Avoiding excessive hair styling products

If these shampoos, conditioners and tips don’t do the trick, consult a reputable doctor or dermatologist.

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