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Men's Beard Washes & Balms

Beard washes and beard balms/beard conditioners are essential products for ensuring well-maintained, handsome and comfortable beards. Beard washes make certain that beard hair stays clean and healthy, while beard balms help to soften whiskers and assist the skin below in staying itch- and flake-free.

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Beard Washes & Beard Balms Tips & Advice

Beards require some legit TLC and special beard maintenance products to look and feel their best. Any man desiring to grow a beard needs to know how to properly take care of it to avoid beard-ruff, scratchiness, and itchiness. Beard washes and balms are designed to clean underneath beards and soften the hair to eliminate the common growing pains of beard growth and maintenance.

Beard washes and balms penetrate even the thickest of beards to clear out grime underneath so the skin doesn't get infected or break out. Beard conditioners tackle the two main struggles associated with beard growth. First, they hydrate coarse facial hair and the underlying skin for a softer beard with less itching and flakiness. Additionally, it's essentially a “pomade” or scented lotion that allows men to shape and style their beards for a more well-kempt look. Our favorite beard balm is our Grooming Lounge Whisker Sauce. It's won a lot of awards and garnered rave reviews (from people other than just us).

For more information on beard care tips or assistance choosing the right beard maintenance products, please contact us or visit our advice section.