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Sun Screens

The sun's UV rays account for about 80% of all skin-aging damage -- we're talking age spots, pre-mature aging, wrinkling and more. Using a sun screen or moisturizer with SPF daily (even when it's cloudy) will shield skin from such potentially unpleasant and unhealthy environmental damage. 

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Insight & Advice on Sun Screens

It’s important to protect yourself from the sun, even on cloudy days, to prevent your skin from turning into an old catcher’s mitt. Excess exposure to the sun damages skin, causes the dermis to age more rapidly and might also lead to serious illness. If you’re outside for more than an hour a day, applying a sun screen is crucial. If you’re under any real sun exposure, go with a minimum of SPF 15 that has both UVA and UBV protection to shield yourself from those harmful rays. We have sunscreen for both the body and face (facial sunscreens have a lighter formula that do not leave the skin feeling oily). Our top facial sunscreen is Kiehl’s Facial Fuel SPF 15, which is loaded with vitamins to moisturize the skin and improve complexion as it protects. As for the body, Jack Black’s Oil-Free Sun Guard Very Water Resistant Sunscreen SPF 45 is sweat and water-resistant for complete protection even in the most intense conditioners.

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