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Growing a proper beard or mustache isn't easy. It requires patience and some seriously great beard grooming tools and kits to properly maintain any desired look. Grab a beard trimmer, beard wax, beard brush, beard comb or beard shaving kit to keep all facial foliage in tip-top shape. We're proud to offer the highest-quality beard grooming tools and kits from brands including Merkur, Kent, Clubman, Tweezerman and more.

Men's Beard Shaving Kits

Beard Shaving Kits & Tools Advice & Tips

There are a variety of beard grooming tools that can help a man keep his beard looking and feeling its best. We recommend grabbing a beard comb or beard brush to untangle knots, get rid of crumbs and keep facial hair well-groomed. Using a quality beard trimmer is also critical to maintaining a beard free of unruly hairs and un-even lines.

Beard shaving kits make for a perfect gift or starter set for many men. Our best kits are the Ultimate Beard Maintenance Kit, which has all the essentials for proper beard care and our Build Your Own Beard Kit where one can customize his own beard kit A-Z.

If you’re looking for more information on maintaining your beard, we recommend checking out these two shorts videos: Beard Lines For Dummiesand How To Trim & Maintain A Beard