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Men's Wipes & Pads make keeping a man's body fresh easy whether he's on the road, at work or in the bathroom. Types of men's wipes include Cleansing Wipes and Pads, as well as Wipe On/Off Toners and even a few Face Peels. Do the "wipe thing" via wipes, pads and cloths that'll keep both body and face looking and feeling fresh 24/7. We are proud to carry the best men's body wipes and pads from brands including Dude Wipes, Ursa Major, Jack Black, Duke Cannon and more.


Insight & Advice On Body & Face Wipes

Men's Body Wipes provide a convenient, refreshing pick-me-up whenever, wherever needed. Body wipes generally come in portable, resealable packs so they can be kept in a car, briefcase or gym bag. Wipes help clear away dirt, oil and body odor -- and are a refreshing cleansing treat on a hot or busy day. Think of them as a shower to-go. Rear wipes (butt wipes) ensure a complete clean after taking care of your business. We could go into more detail… but just trust us, they are great for the backside.Toner pads are essential for men who have oily or greasy skin. In just a few swipes they will help clean the face, reduce acne, tighten pores and improve the skin's complexion.