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Tweezers For Men

Quality tweezers for men can tackle unruly eyebrows, uni-brows, ingrown hairs and in a pinch... maybe even a splinter. Some tweezers are specifically made for plucking hairs, correcting ingrowns, nipping hang nails and more. 

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Tweezers Tips & Advice

Eyebrows are referred to in the plural because men are supposed to have two of them. So, if you’re someone whose eyebrows can’t mind their own business, no biggie – with the right tools it’s easy to keep them in check. First, never shave stray eyebrow hairs, it leads to a stubble appearance that’s best left for the jaw. Instead, opt for a pair a pair of tweezers to pull out stray hairs from the base for a much more well-kempt appearance. Within the tweezers section was also have tools to take care of hangnails and ingrown hairs so that you don’t have to suffer from those nagging little pains.

For a longer term solution, check out a professional to wax your eyebrows.It may be a bit more painful but they will help you shape wild eyebrows so that you can pluck them in the future and it will take much longer for the hair to grow back. 

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