How To Stay In Tip-Top Shape While Traveling

How can you beat the ickiness that comes with flying? Grooming Lounge founder Mike Gilman has some tips on how to stay in tip-top shape while flying or driving on a road trip.
Number 1 Tip
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The low humidity in airplane cabins can dry out a gent's skin big time and since proper hydration starts on the inside, it's essential to drink plenty of H2O before, during and after the flight. Bring a top-notch moisturizer like Menscience Advanced Face Lotion and apply it regularly, even a few extra times during travel days. Lip balms are always handy to carry along for dry puckers too.
Since large, expensive and extremely fragile cologne bottles have no business in a carry-on bag, grab the ingenious Travalo Travel Fragrance Refill Spray Container