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by Michael Gilman November 07, 2019 1 min read

Dear Doc Handsome, I’m trying to grow my hair longer and it just keeps getting bigger. How can I get my ‘do to look more California surfer and less Chia Pet? 

Unfortunately mi amigo, you can’t simply let your hair go and check back in the mirror a few months down to line to find a luscious and ideal-looking mane. On the contrary, the trick to growing hair out is maintenance. Hair must be shaped every 6-8 weeks (I suggest you go the professional route) to chop off weight and maintain the balance that ensures hair is growing evenly. Most hair tends to grow faster in the back, so it’s imperative to take care of that regularly to avoid an unwanted mullet – unless that’s the type of long hair you’re going for.

Additionally, making sure to regularly condition your hair with a quality conditioner will reduce some of the Chia Pet look – we’re talking about saying sayonara to frizz, fly-aways, etc.