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8 Best Wallets Money Can Buy

Photo by Conor LaRocque

Remember the Seinfeld episode where George reveals his wallet is so overcrowded it deserves its own zip code? It should go without saying, but… don’t be like George. While many small possessions may seem important enough to keep in your pocket at all times, your billfold’s no good if it can’t actually fold. That’s why the Head Wallet Honchos of the world have worked hard to balance capacity with minimalism. So, if your current wallet is bursting at the seams, check out eight stylish and practical options that’ll store your stuff without literally stretching your pockets.


Ode to ‘Roy - Bellroy Slim Sleeve

Offering sleek and stylish wares that won’t weigh you down, Bellroy is a wallet wonderland. A prime example of their commitment to efficiency is their Slim Sleeve, which holds up to 12 cards (cash too, of course), but doesn’t make you sift through them all every time you make a purchase. Keep two frequently used cards up front and stow the rest in a compact, easy-access pouch. How it manages to stay so slim is beyond us.


Bison Bifold - Orvis American Bison Hipster Wallet

Let’s say you actually use several cards quite often. Enter the Hipster Wallet. While the term “hipster” may be unsavory to some, just know that this style of Bifold fits twelve cards, but is thin enough to stick anywhere: front pocket, back pocket, breast pocket. And, this popular, customizable choice from Orvis is made from Bison leather, which will give your transactions a hardy frontiersman-like feel.


Italian Nice - Bosca Executive I.D. Wallet

Love leather? Bosca certainly does and that love shines through in their commitment to creating high-quality, long-lasting leather wallets. Take a look at this Executive I.D. Wallet, for example. Because of the high quality, you’ll be shelling out a little more than usual, but the flipside is you likely won’t need to buy another wallet for a very long time—or ever again.


Buried Treasure - Fossil Tate RFID Money Clip Bifold

If you admire the preceding bifolds, but are turned off by the price, FOSSIL trots out leathery goodness for quite a bit less. One of their most streamlined options is this Money Clip Bifold, which comes with space for six cards, an ID Slot and a money clip. It may come from a brand called FOSSIL, but this no-nonsense billfold is made for the modern man.



Holtz-Fashioned - Holtz Bradford Front Pocket Double Sleeve Fine Leather Wallet

If you’re really looking to downsize, this Front Pocket Wallet by Holtz Trading Co.—at just $35—could be the perfect fit. Its two-pocket sleeves nestle easily in the front pocket while holding up to eight cards and cash. Handcrafted in Huntsville, Alabama, using Full Grain American Leather, its rustic, homey look will make you feel all warm inside.


Zip It - Coach Slim Coin Wallet

There’s no shame in carrying coins; they’re great for wishing wells and vending machines. But coins in an unprepared wallet can cause chaos. That’s why COACH is putting in the Slim Coin Wallet to get the job done. This slender beauty opens like a mini-menu and includes a zippered pouch to keep your loose change under control.


HUSKK Til Dawn - Huskk Leather Wallet For Men 

Here’s a great opportunity to save some dough on a new wallet. HUSKK offers a variety of slim, swanky-looking choices. You can opt for leather, but this one, made of water-resistant microfiber, could be a nice change of pace. Whatever material you prefer, you can store up to eight cards and keep your cash strapped down inside so you can move about unfettered.








Quick Draw - Secrid Slimwallet

For those who love the feeling of deploying tools from a Swiss Army Knife and want that same snap-action effect for their wallets, look no further than Secrid’s Slimwallet. Thanks to a spring-loaded design twenty years in the making, you can enjoy sleek minimalist storage and easy access—like a Wild-West dueler pulling from his holster.

This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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