Merkur 33C "Classic" Double-Edge Safety Razor

Slimmed down version of the classic 34C, the Merkur 33C provides a sturdy and comfortable shave each and every time.

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Classic safety razor is a slimmed down version (same length) of its just as popular big brother - the Merkur "Heavy-Duty" 34C. The Merkur 33C "Classic" Safety Razor's slightly smaller diameter makes it a little less bulky to handle, but still firm and comfortable in the hand. An excellent choice for a novice, but extremely popular with experienced shavers as well. Comes with a closed comb and easy twist-off blade housing. Includes one Merkur blade to get started.

Handle Length: 3 1/3"
Razor Type: Three-Piece
Weight: 2 oz.
Comb: Closed

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