Build-A-Shave Set (Double-Edge/Safety Razor)




Build-A-Shave Set (Double-Edge/Safety Razor)

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Create your personal and customizable wet shaving, double-edge/safety razor set. Variety of options make it perfect for newbies and seasoned shaving pros alike. Give the gift of classic shaving.


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Create your own customizable wet shaving double-edge/safety razor set. Options make it perfect for newbies and seasoned pros alike. A great gift. Just select which items you want to include and we'll pack it up in a nifty blue Grooming Lounge box (orders over $100). Most popular/favorites are asterisked below to help make decisions easier -- but a gent can not go wrong with any of these options.

Parker Super Heavyweight Safety Razor 91R***
Parker Long-Handle Butterfly Double-Edge Safety Razor 96R
Parker Vintage Butterfly Safety Razor 99R ***

Merkur 34C "Heavy Classic" Double-Edged Safety Razor ***

Merkur 38C Long Handled Safety Razor
Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor 701

Parker Tortoise Handled Pure Badger ***
Parker Black Handled Pure Badger
Parker Chrome Handled Pure Badger
Parker Deluxe Handled Pure Badger
Grooming Lounge Ebony Travel Shaving Brush***
Grooming Lounge Light Horn Best Badger Brush ***

Shaving Creams:
Proraso Shaving Soap Jar (Green/Refresh)
Grooming Lounge Beard Destroyer ***
Jack Black Supreme Cream ***
Art of Shaving Tub - Unscented
Truefitt & Hill Shave Cream Tub - Limes

Geo F. Trumper Limes Shaving Soap Bowl

Grooming Lounge Best For Last Aftershave
Grooming Lounge The Shavior

Wilkinson Sword Blades -- 5 Pack
Feather Platinum Blades -10

Merkur Super Platinum Stainless Double-Edged Blades -10 Pack ***

Sampler Value Pack - 6 brands in 5 pack size (30 blades)

Permabrands Chrome Brush Stand
Permabrands Chrome Razor & Brush Stand ***
Parker Stoneware Ivory Shave Mug

Permabrands Apothecary Shaving Mug

Grooming Lounge Chrome Bowl ***

Clubman Pinuad Styptic Pencil
RazoRock Alum Stick
Permabrands Razor Bank