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Booty Call: How To Manage and Groom Your Hairy Butt

If you understand the importance of manscaping the family jewels, then you realize that it’s entirely possible your backend operations need attention too. Again, body hair holds odor, sweat and a bunch of other unmentionables too. De-fuzzing your rump will leave you feeling clean and fresh. Hey, we get it! Grooming your hairy butt and waxing below the belt can be intimidating, to say the least. So we asked Grooming Lounge’s Skin Experts a few questions you may be too shy to ask. They offered their expert tips for putting that hairy butt behind you.

Our well-groomed guy has committed to waxing his butt. What should he expect from an appointment with a pro? Can you walk him through the experience? 

“He should expect warm wax and then a fast removal with a strip. Warm wax helps to open the hair follicle, which makes the hair removal much faster. It takes about half an hour for a full butt wax. But FYI, Grooming Lounge doesn’t provide that service. We do however have plenty of tips for DIY de-fuzzing”

Is there any way to make waxing your butt less painful? Does it help to trim at home first? And does taking an over the counter pain reliever help?

“No, I would prefer to trim it down myself because most men trim way too low and it makes it difficult to wax that area. And there is no need to take a pain reliever; it does not hurt that bad.”

Can you take us through the DIY steps if a guy wants to manage his hairy butt from the privacy of his home?

“I would start by telling this gentleman to shower first and wash the area he wants to wax (the butt).” In addition to cleaning your behind, a steamy shower will open up the hair follicles which will help you get a closer shave. Which is especially important if you’re considering going bare-assed and shaving down to the skin. Using an exfoliating soap like Kiehl’s Grooming Solutions Exfoliating Body Bar Soap will help get rid of dead cells and free ingrown hairs. Grooming Lounge’s Experts suggest keeping it simple, “We would recommend just trimming it at home and keeping up with it every few weeks.”

Philips Norelco Beard & Stubble Trimmer Series 3000

Using the proper tools helps get the job done right. Can you recommend a favorite trimmer or razor to take down the backside fur? 

“I would recommend using a Norelco Trimmer. We sell it online and in both the VA and DC stores.” When it comes to shaving those extra-sensitive areas, not all trimmers are created equal. This trimmer is ultra-precise with an easy-to-grip handle for optimum behind-the-back blind maneuvering.

Ingrown hairs can happen anywhere on your body, including the keister. How should a guy treat them post shave or wax?

Grooming Lounge recommends using Grooming Lounge The Shavior after trimming/waxing the booty. We agree. Here’s why it works. Ingrowns happen when the hair curls ass-backward into the skin instead of up growing up and out. This soothing lotion contains active ingredients that calm inflammation and kills bacteria. But most importantly this potion exfoliates the dry, dead skin layers to free trapped hairs.

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