Grooming Lounge "Pick 4" Kit

The best of Grooming Lounge's Barber-Created and Award-Winning solutions can now be mixed & matched. Pick the four full-size solutions you want (can be the same product more than once) and receive some serious shavings.

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The best of Grooming Lounge's Barber-Created & Award-Winning Shave, Hair, Skin & Body products can now be mixed & matched to your liking. Pick the four full-sized products you want (enter in the box above -- you can get the same product more than once if desired) and receive some serious "shavings." Ideal for those eyeing certain products from our proven lineup.

Grooming Lounge Full-Size Solutions:

Beard Master Shave Oil 1 oz. ($21)
Beard Destroyer Shave Cream 5 oz. ($20)
Best For Last Aftershave 5 oz. ($22)
The Shavior 3 oz. ($24)
Whisker Sauce ($22)

The Best Shampoo 11.6 oz. ($21)
You Need Conditioner 11.6 oz ($21)
Some Hair Stuff 2.5 oz. ($18)
Some Hair Cream 5 oz. ($18)
Some Hair Goop 2.5 oz. ($18)

Mug Cleaner Face Wash 8 oz. ($21)
Mug Scrubber ($24)
Mug Moisturizer 3 oz. ($25)
Our Best Smeller 11.6 oz. ($22)
Super Powder 4.8 oz ($16)
Greatest Pits Deodorant 2.5 oz ($20)

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