Grooming Lounge TV Presents: How To Prevent Bat Wings, Swamp Ass & The Flying Squirrel With Targeted Men's Powders

Powders battle moisture, chafing and the resulting discomfort and odor in a man's nether-regions. There are several variations of powder:
Talcum Powders
The most traditional solution, talcum powders are what's generally thought of when referencing men's powders. They'll keep a guy dry all day and quickly absorb moisture to prevent chafing.
Anyone who has ever cooked with cornstarch knows it's great for thickening because it rapidly soaks up moisture. It works the same way on a man's junk. Although it won't keep you dry for as long as a talc powder, some men really enjoy the comfort gained via the friction-reducing properties of starch. And, for guys with talc allergies, it's the only and most natural way to go.
Sprays and Gels
Powders are now available in a variety of innovative forms. Dry Goods has pioneered a point-and-spray powder, which has all the performance of talc with none of the mess.Fresh Balls makes a one-of-a-kind gel that turns into a powder on contact for application that's both mess and guess-free.