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Those essential shaving items -- razor blades, shaving bowls, fog-free mirrors -- that make daily shaves even friendlier. Double-edge and safety razor blades from brands like Merkur, Feather, Astra, Shark and more.
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Accessories 101

You could simply grab a safety razor and shaving cream and call it a day. But, the great part of double-edge shaving is that there is so much out there to help make your morning ritual a grand experience:

Razor Stand: Hang your razor and brush up to dry properly so that they’ll last longer and function better. Permabrands’ Razor & Shaving Brush Stand gets the job done.

Shaving Bowl or Shaving Mug: Whip your favorite lathering shave cream or soap into a lather while upgrading your bathroom décor with a real bowl or mug.

Blood Stoppers: If you’re new to safety razor shaving, check out alum blocks and a styptic pencil. These products don’t just soothe irritated and sensitive skin post-shave, they also seal the skin after a nick from the blade to stop bleeding and provide instant relief.

Razor Pit: If you’re still loyal to your cartridge razor, you won’t be saving an arm and a leg on replacement blades, but you can save more than a few bucks with a Razor Pit.The Razor Pit sharpens your blades as you run the razor across it so that you can revive worn out cartridges and buy time before purchasing more.

Protective Cases: This is probably not a shock to you, but razors are very sharp. It’s important to store these properly to avoid accidental cutting. Grab a Parker Leather Pouch to store safely straight and safety razors on the go. For disposing of old razors at home, don’t toss them in the trash and hope for the best. A Razor Bank provides safe storage of used blades so once the bank is full you may dispose of them safely all at once.