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Winter Grooming Products: The Extreme Sports Edition

Photo by Jennifer Ryan Jones

Before shredding the slopes be sure to prep your skin with winter grooming products that can stand up to the most frigid conditions. And it's not just the cold you should worry about. Swinging from the extreme lows that you'll encounter at the summit to the dry heat from a roaring fire back at the lodge can send healthy skin downhill in a hurry. So before suiting up in your long johns, you'll want to treat the most important base layer, your skin. Whether you’re starting on the bunny hill or shredding the back bowl, these winter skin soothers will protect and hydrate.


Keep Warm

Fact, growing a beard will keep your face warmer. But not taking care of your facial fur and the skin underneath will leave your beard looking and feeling dry and brittle. Keep the snowflakes on the mountain and out of your beard by treating your whiskers with Beardbrand Beard Oils. Fans of extreme sports and the great outdoors will prefer their woodsy Tree Ranger scent with natural nourishing Jojoba, Grapeseed and Almond Oils.

Minimize Exposure

With 98 percent of your body covered in gear, you might think about skipping the sunscreen. That's a bad idea. As your altitude gets higher and higher with each gondola ride, you get closer and closer to the sun. Don't crash and burn. Instead, choose a moisturizing sunscreen that will help protect your exposed derm from sun and wind damage. Urth Face Balm SPF 15 comes in a 2 oz. travel size that can easily fit in your pocket for an on-the-trail reapply. It has natural herbal extracts, pure essential oils, and vitamins C, D, and A.


Start With A Good Base Layer

No matter what the season, moisture balance is the key to healthy skin. Living that ski bum life comes with extreme temperature swings that can dry out your usually low maintenance hide. Slather on ultra-rich Ursa Major Perfect Zen Body Lotion as you go from frigid snow bank to steamy hot tub to the dry indoor heating of your log cabin. It will soothe, calm and hydrate your dry derm without leaving your skin slick and greasy.

Stay Dry

The key to staying warm on the slopes is staying dry, and that means addressing all the areas on your body that sweat not just your pits. Swipe on your Greatest Pits Deodorant and use those ski jacket pit zips for a little ventilation between runs. As for those other sweaty regions, like your man parts and especially your feet, sprinkle a little Grooming Lounge Super Powder. It absorbs sweat and reduces chafing, the ultimate fresh powder for extreme sports.

Save Face

You've moisturized your mug, great! But, don't expect a warm greeting from your ski bunny sporting flakey, cracked lips. Lube up with Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm with SPF 25 to soften while providing a barrier between your pucker and harsh elements like sun, wind and extreme cold. This balm formulated with natural mint and shea butter will condition your kisser even after an epic face plant.




This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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