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The NBA's Best Beards

Photo by Clare Sausen

With the NBA season tipping off last night, the annual debate is heating up again. Who has the best facial hair in the league? So, with one eye on ball and one on beard, we’ve rounded up the best beards of the Association to show how you can achieve similar facial foliage at home.


Lebron James

Besides his legendary status as the muse for this impeccable vine, the newest Laker is also a pretty solid basketball player. While his facial hair might not be the G.O.AT. in the NBA, you must admit his facial hair is tight, well-groomed and doesn’t commit the sin of unruliness that many of his fellow players' beards often do. To keep a short beard looking sharp, try Whisker Sauce for moisture and hold without annoying and uncomfortable crunchiness.


James Harden

The Rockets’ Harden is a great example of how to go full Paul Bunyon without sacrificing style. By keeping his beard trimmed close to the sides of his face, he avoids the Duck Dynasty unruliness that long beards often fall prey too. To get this look, get a pair of scissors and a comb and take it around the perimeter of your face, cutting in a straight line down from your ears to the bottom of your beard. If you’re new to this and don’t want to risk butchering your beard, go to a shop to have your beard trimmed and ask questions to pick up some tips for your next at-home effort.


Nikola Mirotic

Hailing from Yugoslavia, sometimes lovingly referred to as “the land of the beards,” the Pelicans’ Mirotic shows off a tightly wound and wonderfully-thick swath of facial hair. For curly beards like this, a conditioner is vital. And no, stealing your girlfriend’s isn’t gonna cut it with a beard this thick. For double maintenance duty, this Bluebeards conditioner also contains peppermint oil to keep you both looking and smelling fresh.


Spencer Hawes

The manbun gets a lot of hate these days. At Grooming Lounge, we want you to look and feel your best—bun or no bun. The Bucks’ Hawes pulls his off by keeping his beard well-groomed and allowing for a bit more wildness on top. If you’re going for this Hemsworth-esque look, go in on your beard with a trimmer to keep the balance.


Joel Freeland

Rocking the pompadour style (as made popular by every European-born male celebrity in the last 10 years), the Trail Blazers’ Freeland goes for a refined and classic neckline beard. Freeland understands the limitations of a beard that doesn’t grow in completely full... so he works with what he has, shaving off scraggly cheek hairs for a fuller appearance. This look flatters every face, giving you the jawline of your dreams. With a safety razor, you can keep beard lines sharp and do away with the patchy remnants of middle school beards past.


Chris Andersen

Whoever said you can’t rock a ginger beard wouldn't dare bring that up in front of Chris Andersen. We love how the Cavs’ Andersen embraces his bad-boy persona by pairing his torso full of tats with a thick, uninhibited fuzz. If you’re going for the Sons of Anarchy look, invest in a beard brush made with real boar bristles to help distribute natural oils for shine and keep your mane tangle-free.


Brett Brown

Though you won’t catch him dribbling down the court, 76er’s coach Brett Brown is a perfect example that you can rock a beard at any age. His well-groomed, greying beard gives off a mature, masculine look that appears ready for a nice glass of whiskey and cigar. To get this sauve style, try a beard oil to avoid nicks and irritation when shaving along your beard line.

Beard season is coming, and you better be prepared. We hope this list gives you some  inspiration for your own baller look, while maintaining hair style and health with The Grooming Lounge’s line of products for facial hair of any style.

This article was written and appeared on . Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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