Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer

Body hair trimmer allows a fella to safely take care of unwanted hair in private and not-so-private areas.



The incredible upgrade to the Mangroomer Private Body Shaver, body groomer and trimmer adds more power and versatility to make maintenance of non-standard shaving areas (privates, chest, underarms, stomach, stomach, groin, legs) a breeze. High-powered adjustable trimmer with 7 length settings hacks longer hairs down to a manageable length and makes it easy to keep them there. If you're the hairier sort, a Power Boost button ensures consistent trimming without any tugging or pulling. Multi-directional pivoting head follows contours for a close and comfortable shave on more sensitive areas, with hypoallergenic foils designed not to rough up skin on the unmentionables. Rubberized non-slip grip (gotta be careful) enables maximum control and maneuverability. Can be used wet or dry, so it's ideal for relatively less messy maintenance in the shower.

Key Features of the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Body Groomer and Trimmer Include:
•Shock Absorber Flex Neck/Shaving Head follows the contour of the body for complete blade to skin contact.
•7 length settings adjustable trimmer gets as close as 1/16th of an inch.
•100% waterproof which makes it convenient to groom, shave and trim your body hair in the shower or out.
•Power Burst® Button gives you an added burst of power to shave and trim through extra thick and coarse body hair.
•Hypoallergenic stainless steel foil and trimming blades are designed specifically for sensitive skin.
•Ergonomic body design with a soft, rubberized grip allows for maximum control, durability, and comfort.
•Charge indicator light alerts you when the body shaver is charging and fully charged.

Tips On How To Use:
•For longer hairs, use the trimmer side first to create shorter stubble, then use the body groomer head.
•Start with the highest trimmer setting and then work your way lower.
•Use the trimmer side on dry hair only, not wet.
•For thick and coarse hair, use the Power Burst® button for extra power so the hair does not pull or snag.
•Always use a light touch, pressing too hard will flatten your hair and make it more difficult to trim longer hairs.
•Shave or trim against the natural growth of the hair.
•Make sure it is fully charged before 1st use for optimum performance.

GL Tip: Leaving this razor plugged into the charger while the battery is fully charged can shorten the lifespan of the product's battery.

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