by Doc Handsome May 09, 2019 2 min read

With warmer weather on its way -- winter clothes will soon be put away, screens will be placed into windows and dudes will start to notice what's been growing under all those clothes. And for many, the area at the top of the "ignored list" will be at the bottom ... the feet. So, before slipping on those Rainbows and showcasing your man feet to the world, check out these tips for proper summer foot care and maintenance for men.


Get Stoned

Just as you'll be shedding layers of clothing - so should you get rid of a few layers of unnecessary foot skin. Months of cramming feet into heavy boots and trudging through the elements takes its toll -- building calluses and roughing up skin.

To combat such foot challenges, take a pumice stone to those pups. Pumice stones gently sand away dead skin, softening feet and making them easier on the eyes.


Clip Show 

Leaving toe nails to grow wild is not only an eye sore, but also a hazard to others. An adult male should have different nail clippers for both hands and feet (after all, you don't use the same soap for your face and rear). Toenail clippers are built stronger and more durable to cut through thick, stubborn nails. As a rule of thumb, trim nails down until there is a thin white strip of nail at the end.  Be careful not to trim too deep -- bleeding for this cause is not required.


Hobbit Feet

Unless your summer vacation is in Mordor, having hair on top of your toes and feet is a bad look. The last thing someone wants to see at a cookout is scraggly hair engulfing those flip-flops. Use an electric razor to clear hair away quickly and easily.



Just like the rest of the body, feet require moisture to eliminate dryness, irritation and ugliness. Applying a daily moisturizer will alleviate these issues and you'll be surprised how realxing giving oneself a foot massage can be.


Neutralize The Funk 

While slipping your bare feet into shoes can be freeing in the summer, it's damn straight gonna' trap in some sweat and odor. Before sliding on those boat shoes, powder up. Talc powder absorbs sweat and neutralizes bacteria, leaving feet dry, comfortable and funk-free.


Go Pro

The easiest and probably most-effective way to get feet in order is to sign up for a professional pedicure.  There's nothing wrong with a gent getting a pedicure -- and it's especially enjoyable when the deed takes place at a spa tailored for just the fellas.