Professional Mangroomer

Premium back hair shaver has all the bells and whistles a guy could possibly need to eliminate back, shoulder and chest hair on his own.

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The Mangroomer 2.0 edition. Even more powerful than the original, the Professional Mangroomer is by far the most advanced back shaver on the market today. By quickly and easily eliminating back hair without the aid of another (what a relief), and in the comforts of your own home (so convenient), do-it-yourself trimmer is a must have for every guy with a bit of undesired hair on the shoulders, chest or back. If not familiar with the Mangroomer, the tools slick design opens up to 135 degrees and extends out to two feet, allowing guys to easily shave even the hard to reach parts of the back. The first time might feel a little weird getting used to it, but after that, trust us, you won’t ever look “back” again.

The professional edition upgrade includes a handle that extends and locks at any desired position (that's huge), a premium blade and a rechargeable battery power for quick-charging. Shaver also includes a 100% non-slip rubberized grip handle for increased control and maximum maneuverability. Other new accessories include a protection cap, cleaning brush and an AC recharging adapter.

GL Tip: Leaving this razor plugged into the charger while the battery is fully charged can shorten the lifespan of the product's battery.

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