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Our Founder Answers Your Holiday Grooming Questions

Photo by Michael Gilman

Mike Gilman founded Grooming Lounge nearly 20 years ago and since then, has learned way too much about men's grooming thanks to Grooming Lounge's Expert Staff, testing every product ever sent to us and serving as a Guinea Pig for every service imaginable. Below, he answers some of the most-common grooming and business inquiries sent his way.


Things are starting to thin out a bit up top.  It's getting a little scary and I need a non-prescriptive way to keep my hair intact?

Don’t wig out – we’ve got some suggestions. First, it's essential to understand that holding onto the hair you have is much easier than growing a ton of new follicles.  And the best way to hold onto strands and create the optimal environment for potential hair growth is with products that clean your scalp and inhibit the buildup of DHT (just trust me).  We recently re-introduced products from DS Laboratories, which are second to none when it comes to getting things rolling with that lid of yours.


I’m doing the No-Shave November thing at work and the itch is driving me crazy. Any suggestions?

You're not the first gent to debate abandoning his beard growth because of uncomfortable itching and scratchiness.  That's why combo beard/skin moisturizers were invented -- to help soften whiskers and add some moisture to the skin below. In fact, I selfishly created Grooming Lounge Whisker Sauce to successfully help with my own beard growth. Applying such a product a couple times a day will get you through this “trying” time and make your beard look better when fully formed.


Going to Southern California for vacation soon and I’m so damn hairy I’m embarrassed to take my shirt off.  How can I take care of this in private – and while you’re at it – any suggestions for my pruning privates?

There’s a ton of great solutions out there for taking care of this issue – if it’s an issue for you.  We just started carrying a product from a company called Manscaped and it’s ideal for taking care of your shoulder sweater and beyond. We also have the world-famous BakBlade, which is perfect for zones you can’t reach.  Now excuse me while I step away to throw up.


Now that the heat is on in my office, my face is getting more dry and uncomfortable by the minute. What to do man?

Assuming getting a new job is off the table, it's essential to start a solid skincare routine pronto.  The central part of this routine would be using a moisturizer in the morning, late afternoon and at night. That will soften things up for starters. But long-term, you need to undertake (and it’s not much of an undertaking) a scrub, wash and moisturizing regimen regularly. On that note, our Mug Trio Kit has all the goods to make the magic happen.


I enjoy buying my grooming products from you guys, but do you have anything I can grab my girlfriend with my Rewards Points? 

First, thanks for allowing Grooming Lounge to be your go-to source for men's grooming. As for gifts for the ladies in your life, a lot of the products we carry are as awesome for women as they are for men. Your best bet is to check out products from Molton BrownMalin+Goetz and Ursa Major.


I want to make a good impression with the new in-laws at my first Thanksgiving -- any grooming-specific tips?

Not grooming related, but look them in the eye, use a firm hand shake and listen a lot more than you talk. Also, don't chew with your mouth open. Smelling like a million bucks won't hurt either -- and that can be easily accomplished with a few sprays of Grooming Lounge Our Best Smeller Cologne.  And use some hand cream too -- future Mom and Dad aren't going to be into shaking your flaky, dry mitts.

This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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