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Ask Doc Handsome: Vol. 6

Photo by Doc Handsome

QUESTION: Do I really need to use a hair conditioner? Seriously?

ANSWER: Yep... you really do. First, your shower rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody is definitely going to get cut short if you only shampoo. But more importantly and shower duration aside, a quality conditioner is key to keeping hair healthy, soft, moisturized and more voluminous. It’ll also make a man’s hair much easier to style. We very biasedly recommend Grooming Lounge You Need Conditioner, which will even help untangle unwanted curls and keep fly-aways at bay (any way the wind blows).


QUESTION: I’m interested in trying a shave oil as I hear good things. Worth the investment?

ANSWER: If you shave on the regular, not taking advantage of the benefits of shave oil is silly. A few drops of a premiere shave oil rubbed into whiskers will lift hairs away from the face, provide enhanced razor glide and help prevent nicks, cuts and irritation. These oils can be used solo or combined with a quality shaving cream for added effectiveness. Shave oils are also great for creative facial hair formations, as they’re translucent and allow one to see where he is and isn’t shaving. Ingredients vary by brand, but the magic (and cost) of shave oils result from combining high-quality emollients and botanicals.


QUESTION: Why would I use a deodorant as opposed to an anti-perspirant?

ANSWER: Gents often choose to go the deodorant route because of concerns about some of the ingredients contained in anti-perspirants. While there’s nothing conclusive, the aluminum and alcohol key to an anti-perspirant’s effectiveness scare some away. So, what’s the big difference in how the two types of products work? Deodorants mask the stench created by excess sweat, while anti-persperiants try to minimize pit sweat as much as possible.


QUESTION: Are beards here to stay or on their way out? What’s the deal?

ANSWER: Your face, your facial hair, your decision. You do you. But whether you’re the clean-shaven Don Draper type or a member of ZZ Top, taking care of the hair (or lack of) between your forehead and shoulders is essential. Guys that prefer a clean look should shave several times per week and keep that mug looking mighty via a great shaving regimen. If you’re getting a beard started or if yours is the source of envy from the bros at the brewery, a little upkeep goes a long way. We’ve got you covered with tips on Starting and Maintaining Your Beard, Beards For Every Type Of Face and How To Trim Your Beard. You're Welcome.


QUESTION: Fall is coming and I want to feel and smell my best – any tips?

ANSWER: Sweaters. Football. Pumpkin-spiced B.S. Be Fall-ready with a new cologne that pairs up with the changing seasons. You can’t go wrong with the warm, masculine fragrance of Malin + Goetz Rum or the Cedarwood and Tobacco notes in Molton Brown’s Tobacco Absolute. Start your regimen with Grooming Lounge "Our Best Smeller" body wash and your personal aroma is certain not to fall.

This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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