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Grooming Lounge Barber Shop Tysons Corner Virginia

Photo by Michael Gilman


Grooming Lounge's Tysons Corner Shop is now open. Reservations are required for all services, so please Click Here to schedule online.  You can also call us from 11-7 M-F at 703.288.0355.

Due to safety and operational challenges, our DC shop will remain closed for the time being.

A few notes about booking your reservation online:

  • If you are a current customer to our VA store and have logged in to book services previously, you can use the "Book From History" option and login to book your reservation.
  • If you are a current DC customer or you have never booked a reservation online before at either the VA or DC store, please choose "Book Service" and follow the steps to register and book your reservation.
  • While our full service menu is currently displaying, only haircuts, nail services, eye treatments, spot treatments and waxing services are available.



What'll Be The Same
  •  Great Professionals
  •  Unparalleled Technical Service
  •  Superior Hospitality
  •  Shop Will Still Be Really Clean (Cleaner Though)
What'll Be Different
  •  Services Will Be By Appointment Only 
  •  Everyone Needs To Wear A Mask
  •  Tools & Stations Double-Secret Sanitized Between Every Service
  •  Social Distancing In Place
  •  1 Guest In Lounge/Waiting Area At A Time
  •  All Other Guests Will Be Called Or Texted When Reservation Time Is Ready
  •  No Hot Towels Or Drinks For A Bit (That'd Require Taking Off The Mask)
  •  Can't Do Shaves Or Beard Trims For A Bit (Same Deal With The Mask Thing) 
  •  Same Goes For Facials As Working Around That Mask Will be Tricky.  Eye  Treatments, Spot Treatments & Waxing Will be In Full Force Though
  •  We'll Be Adding a $2 Surcharge To Every Service To Help Cover The Crazy Costs Associated With Keeping The Doors Open.  Don't Hate Us... We Just Want
What We'll Ask Of You
  • If You've Been Sick, Feeling Cruddy Or Around Anyone Who Feels Like Crap, Please Steer Clear For Awhile.
  • We're Going To Have To Take Your Temperature When You Come In.  If You're At 100 Degrees Or Above, We'll Run Away Screaming & Ask That You Come Back In A Few Weeks.
  • We Won't Be Accepting Cash For A Little While, So Please Bring That Platinum AMEX.
  • Bear With Us, As We Try To Do What's In Everyone's Best Health & Handsomeness Interests.

See our RE-OPENING FAQ PAGE for more answers to your questions about our reopening plans. Need additional help? Contact our store team at


5/25 Update On Re-Opening Of Stores

Our DC Shop is a little bit trickier to open for health, safety and operational reasons. We will not be opening our destination in DC until June 20th at the earliest. Being transparent, we're not totally sure we'll be able to re-open in DC at all. But we're grinding for the next three weeks to see how to possibly make it happen. Such great history, team members and guests. Hope is not lost.

As mentioned in earlier communication, we're doing our best to try and integrate our entire team into VA if possible and desirable for our great people. More info on that to come.

When we do open in VA, here's some details on how we'll be trying to keep everyone safe, healthy and handsome.


5/6 Statement In Regard To Future Reservations

Thanks so much for your support of Grooming Lounge in the past and during the unprecedented times we're currently experiencing.  We sincerely hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy.  We're aware your personal grooming may be going a bit awry during this quarantine -- and are anxiously awaiting being able to once again provide you with the Grooming Lounge services that have become an essential part of your routine.

In regard to future reservations, in following with government and safety guidelines, our Grooming Lounge shops will not be fully operational for a bit here.  Although we certainly want to get up and running ASAP, we can obviously only do so once opening up our doors poses no risk to our amazing team and valued guests.

At present, it appears we'll be able to safely start operations at our Tysons Galleria shop sooner than we will in Washington, DC -- although even the dates for that opening are unclear at this moment.  That said, at our Virginia shop, we're softly targeting an opening date of June 10th.  We're not yet confirmed on what our staffing or hours will exactly look like in those early days, but will communicate more information once available and open up our online reservation portal when things are clear.

Should, as it appears, our Virginia shop be able to open much sooner than our DC shop, our plan is to try and weave our DC-based Grooming Experts into the fold in Virginia and enable them to provide their services in that location to as many guests as possible, given safety and scheduling parameters.  Once again, through e-mail, phone calls and social media, we'll keep you updated on all dates and such.

So, thanks for your understanding and hanging in there and we look forward to seeing you again very soon.  

Best Regards,

Mike Gilman
Grooming Lounge Founder &
Guy Who Is Immune To Poison Ivy

4/23 Status Update

In light of COVID19, the Grooming Lounge Team has been mandated to temporarily close our Barbershop doors. We plan to re-open as soon as it makes sense, but do not know an exact date yet and will only do so when in the best health and safety interests of our team and community.  That opening date seems to be a moving target, with good reason, at this time.

In the meantime, if you are looking to support a locally owned small business, our website is 100% non-contagious and open 24/7. Shop for gift cards and great men’s grooming products from the comfort of wherever you are. We're still shipping orders daily (and orders $45+ ship free with fast shipping).

Once we settle on a re-opening date, we will re-enable our online booking system through the web site so all are able to make future reservations.

We greatly value your support over the years and in the future and also appreciate your patience.  We know that over the coming weeks your hair will grow a little longer, your nails may become unruly and that facial scruff may turn into a full-on ZZ-Top-like beard.  We ask that you embrace it, don’t do anything drastic (like cutting your own hair) and wait for the dust to settle and our doors to open up once again.  

Please stay healthy, grounded and relatively well-groomed for a bit here.  And please check our web site and social channels for updates – we’ll try to over communicate.

Also, please note that we are unable to provide contact information for individual Barbers for guests who have requested "at-home" haircuts.  While we certainly understand the desire to take care of that growing mane, we're erring on the side of caution to not put our team members or guests in potential harm at this time.

With Gratitude, Kindness & Empathy,

Mike Gilman & The Grooming Lounge Team

This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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