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The health and safety of our team and guests is of paramount importance to us always, but now more than ever.  To that end, we are following and strictly enforcing all recommended government guidelines as they relate to barbering, salon and retail companies.

We have a much more extensive list of what we're doing available, but the more broad version is that: masks are required for all in the shop, temperatures will be taken for all prior to reservations, there will be no walk-in services as services will be by reservation only, there will be no waiting in the shop -- guests will be asked to wait outside in the mall until they are called for their service(s), all service stations will be properly and aggressively sanitized before and after each service with medical-grade cleaners, we will not be able to offer drinks as those would require mask removal, social distancing rules will be in place around the shop -- including our barber stations where chairs are six feet apart and a lot more.  The last thing we want is for anyone to get sick. Handsomeness and health!

It's certainly not our first choice either, but safety first.  So yes, we will ask guests to sign a waiver/form signifying that they have not been sick or around anyone who is sick for 14+ days.  Also, this form will require guests to acknowledge that there are always risks with going out and getting services during these times, even at an establishment like ours that is taking all necessary precautions.  As for the temperature, it's a quick forehead scan to make sure guests are aware if they are sick and to ensure no one else gets sick.

Because all those services would require mask removal, we are not going to be providing said services for a bit of time here.  Same reason we can’t do beverages for a while. If you want a soda to go, we’ve got you covered.

Yes.  Because we want to limit the passing of money to as few hands as possible, the Guest Services Team at the front will no longer be able to accept tips for Grooming Experts or provide change.  Basically, we’re going cashless for a bit to minimize risks.  Options for gratuity include handing cash directly to service providers or tipping via a Venmo or Paypal address.

Wish we had those answers right now, but for the time being our hours are reduced as mandated by our landlord and suggested by health care professionals.  As soon as it’s safe to go back to our regular hours, we’ll certainly do so.

We ask that for the time being, guests use the mall’s bathrooms directly across from our shop.  It’s in an effort to keep our shop safe and sanitary and to have as few people on the premises.  Also, the mall’s bathroom is pretty nice — you won’t be disappointed. 

Team & Logistics

We totally understand as this is a trying time for everyone.  We’re doing everything we can to make the experience safe and enjoyable, but if you have to wait a few weeks or months to come back in — that's OK. We’ll look forward to seeing you then.

Yes, several of our awesome team members who previously worked in DC will be operating out of our VA shop for the foreseeable future. That includes barbers Michael Lubecki, Rich Conant and nail expert, Maggy Hadeed. Others might show up in VA in the weeks and months ahead.

As for why our DC store is still closed, the reasons are many, including the current civil climate in DC, the store’s size and the inability to social distance inside at this time and other business factors.  We are currently working through these challenges to determine when, and if, we’ll be able to re-open our flagship shop. 

Yes, due to having limited hours as mandated by the mall and having some extra professionals, schedules are going to be a bit different for the foreseeable future. Our goal will always be to enable all team members to be on site as much as possible in a manner that best serves our entire community.

We’ve still got the best solutions for every category, of course, featuring our own barber-made Grooming Lounge products. If there’s something else you’re looking for, we can give you a code to get it online with free shipping.  Also, we have to limit “testers” to items that can be squeezed and are sanitary for multiple touchings.


Absolutely and we hope you will.  That said, we are very kindly asking that if possible, all guests (VA AND DC) refrain from using their series or service packages for a couple months.  The reason is pure business, as everyone is probably aware, we’ve been closed for months and without income. Using such packages increases our expenses and honestly, the likelihood of our business being able to survive this scary situation. All that said, we 110% understand if you would like to use a package and will certainly honor your pre-payments if desired.

To enable our business to be here for the long haul and keep up with the increased expenses of doing business post shut down, we have indeed added a $2 increase to all services. Please know this isn’t us trying to be greedy, but rather a reflection of what we need to do to keep up with the costs of additional PPE, cleaning, heightened insurance and the damage of being closed and limited hours has and will inflict on our business and business like ours. We appreciate your understanding.

That said, if you are opposed to this addition, we understand and will go ahead and waive for you during this first return visit. We’re really trying to “do right” by everyone and the increase is solely a reflection of increased costs. 

No, there are gratuity options, just different ones than before as we’re minimizing the handling of cash.  Please feel free to tip your service provider directly or to do so via Venmo or Paypal. Yes, it’s a bit awkward, but it’s the best option currently.  We can provide you with their payment addresses if needed.


We sure hope not and are doing everything we can to make sure you still get an amazing haircut, head shave, nail or skin service when here. Yes, we’ll have to work around a few things for safety and health reasons but trust us that the results should be the same. The best men’s grooming services and products anywhere in the region.