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Whether you want to gracefully accept that your hairline has all but disappeared or you’re aiming to be the sleekest swimmer in the pool, there are plenty of reasons to shave your head.

It’s a bold move that requires precision, patience, butattempting to do it yourself can be an admittedly tricky endeavor. You need the right tools, an open schedule, and maybe a shot of liquid courage to make the jump from balding to bald.

Since no one should go it alone when cleaning that dome, we’ve asked for advice and recommendations from Grooming Lounge’s own Master Grooming Expert & Educator Sophia LaBarge to help steer you in the right direction.


STEP ONE: Trim Your Hair Down to Stubble with an Electric Trimmer

“I love having a shaved head. I'd rather not deal with hair if I don't have to. I like not thinking about it. A shaved head and letting my beard go requires the least amount of anything.” — Chris Evans

You wouldn’t play croquet on an overgrown lawn. The same goes for head-shaving. Prepare the “groundwork” by starting with a dry shave: using an electric razor to trim hair down to stubble length.

One electric razor we’re always obsessed with is the Philips Norelco Beard & Stubble Trimmer Series 3000. Whether you're looking to maintain a 5 o'clock shadow, keep a bushy beard in check, or "trim your shrubs," the 3000 Series Trimmer is equipped for any and all grooming needs. This bad boy features a sleek, matte black finish and can fully charge in just a few hours thanks to a cordless Lithium-Ion battery. An ergonomic design makes maneuvering around tricky (or sensitive) areas a total breeze.

Always make sure hair on top is stubble at most, as any longer amounts could cause razor-clogging and pain.

STEP TWO: Prep Scalp by Washing with Warm Water and an Exfoliating Scrub

“Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair. But a confident bald man — there’s your diamond in the rough.” — Larry David

Once you’ve mowed your hair down to stubble, it’ll be time to prep your scale by washing with warm water and applying an exfoliating scrub. The shower is the best place to start, but if you can’t get to one, simply soak a small towel in hot water and apply to your head. The softer the hair, the less pressure need be applied and the less chance of nasty, noticeable cuts. Try using an exfoliating cleanser that’ll open the pores and “buff down” the skin that causes the ingrown hairs — frequently found close to the neck.

A great go-to is Billy Jealousy Assassin Deep Exfoliating Scrub. This intensive exfoliator’s super-gritty consistency buffs away skin imperfections with ease total ease. It looks like a rich mud but actually makes the skin clean and smooth. Walnut shells and almond meal removes dead cells, while sugarcane and lemon extract smooths and firm your dome.

Then the skin on your head is left toned, renewed, and actually better able to absorb other treatments. If a milder scrub is needed, we suggest Billy Jealousy Liquid Sand or Sucker Punch.