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Best Smelling Hair & Body Washes for Men 2023

There’s a new thing going on in men’s grooming – a movement inspired by the desire to not have to deal with multiple products and containers at once: combination shampoos and body washes.

We get it. It’s easy. It’s practical. And yes – done right, it absolutely works.

Unlike shampoo and conditioner, which, despite all the ‘2-in-1’ products out there, do not combine optimally because they cancel each other out (conditioner adds oil while shampoo strips it), shampoos and body washescan, in fact, form a happy and productive union because they’re both “surfactants”, which means they reduce the surface tension of water, making it much easier to remove dirt and oil.

The trick is finding that body wash and shampoo combo that both cleanses well AND leaves skin and hair smelling amazing. A great body wash and shampoo will lather away sweat and dirt without stripping away natural oils that keep your skin and hair healthy.

So without further ado, here’s our top five best smelling body wash and shampoos for men, along with their vital details.