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Best Razor for Men 2023

best mens razor from grooming lounge

A great shave comes down to a great razor. But for the men out there who were raised to think the electric shaver is an end-all-be-all, knowing where to start is half the battle. It comes down to a couple of different questions that you need to answer before you take that trip to the bathroom. What should you look for in a razor? The close, personal shave of a safety/double-edged razor? The old-school charm of a classic straight razor? Or the ease of a men’s electric razor?

For the guys who are ready for that next-level shave, we put together some of the best men’s razors out there. 

From lightweight lotions that cool and refresh to re-charging lotions that deliver a dose of black pepper to the skin, these are the seven best body lotions for guys.