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The Best Men's Deodorants 2023

grooming lounge greatest pits deodorant

Being a guy isn’t as easy as it sounds. Itchy beards, sweaty pits, and the unspoken pressure of smelling good without feeling like you just stepped out of a high school locker room. When you start to add in factors like itchy skin, hunting for the best deodorant becomes all the more difficult… until now. 

Whether you’re going for protection from sweat with an antiperspirant or using a straight-up odor fighter, locking down the best odor fighter isn’t as easy as it sounds. For the especially hairy and sweaty mean, a good deodorant has to check off a couple of boxes to be considered pit-worthy. 

From all-natural woodsy scents to powerful anti-inflammatory blends, these are the eight best deodorants and antiperspirants for guys.