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The Best Beard Style For Your Face Shape

man sitting outside with long hair and beard

Identifying Face Shapes And The Best Beard Styles

Anyone can stop shaving for a few, start growing some peach fuzz and call it a beard. But, if you’re thinking a shave sabbatical is the only key to a brilliant beard, you’re sorely mistaken. While resting the razor is step one, the next is styling and shaping a beard to fit the contours of your face. Understanding face shape is essential, so we’ve broken it down along with the beard shapes and styles that fit each type of money maker.

Oval Face:

Oval faces are exactly what they sound like — oval. Round at both the top and bottom, but slightly long at the same time. There is not too much definition of the jaw line and the cheeks are not too long, making for a rounded face that is just a bit extended.

Best Beard Shape and Style for Oval Faces

Since oval happens to be the most common face shape, it can handle many beard shapes fashionably, as long as it is well-kempt. Try to be consistent with length across the board so that whiskers don’t burst out. Keeping facial hair tidy whether a 5 o’clock shadow or full on facial foliage is extremely important. The best beard styles for an oval face is pretty much all of the below.

Square Face:

A square face is defined by a relatively square jaw line and hairline. Square faces are not very slim as the points of the jaw line form hard angles and a naturally broader hairline create a wider shape. Basically, if you slick all your hair back and your hairline creates slightly squared off corners along with a 90* jaw and small chin, you’re a square.

Best Beard Shape and Style for Square Faces

Square faces tend to look best with more hair on the chin and less on the sides and neck. This means trimming the neck occasionally to keep the look tidy. The focus is keeping hair away from being too full on the cheeks and sideburns—as that can lead to a blocky look. The beard styles that fit this face shape best include anything from a full goatee to a chin strap. This includes the popular Anchor Beard and Balbo Beard. To keep these styles in place, try using our Grooming Lounge Whisker Sauce which helps to soften and style beards while hydrating the underlying skin.

    Round Face:

    A round face’s defining features are a softer jaw line down below leading to a relatively rounded hairline. Simply said, if your face shows roundness from the forehead to the ears and a non-pointed jaw line, you’re a rounder.

    Best Beard Shape and Style for Round Faces

    Ideally, gents with round faces should go short on the sides and longer on the bottom. This means keeping burns and cheeks in check while there is a bit more leeway on the chin and neck. Rounded faces fit goatees and chin straps like square faces however, they can go even longer on the bottom and work with a Dutch/Garibaldi style beard. So long as it is kept maintained, there’s a lot of options. Gents that go for the longer look on the bottom should consider a quality beard oil, like one of the Proraso Beard Oils, to keep the entire beard soft and healthy.

    Long Face:

    Also referred to as the Oblong face, a long face is defined as thinner in the cheeks/jaw and pointed in the chin. Reference Elvis Presley, whose face was slim and ended with a pointed chin at the bottom. Contrary to popular belief, a long face doesn’t always mean you’re a sad sack.

    Best Beard Shape and Style for Long Faces

    Generally, the best looking beards for a long face are full on the sides and short on the bottom. Grow out the sideburns and cheeks a bit more while keeping the neck and chin maintained. As for beard styling, anything from Mutton Chops to an extended goatee or full beard will work fine. The key is keeping solid length in the correct areas and trimming it down in the others. Try using the Merkur 907 Detailing Beard & Mustache Razor to sculpt these styles easier.

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