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Want to look Younger? Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Photo by Jennifer Ryan Jones

Your eyes are one of the first places you'll notice the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles which is why there are so many under eye-cream, gels, and serums on the market. But if you really want to turn back time start putting your money where your mouth is. Yellow teeth, dry, cracked lips, and a dull mustache can drag your whole damn face down making you appear older. In no particular order, here are our suggestions for a fast, non-surgical lift.




Take good care of your chompers! If you're back on the market, being it dating or job, having a bright smile can energize your whole face. And you don't have to spend a fortune, consult a cosmetic dentist or stick those plastic trays in your mouth to turn up the wattage. 



And now that your teeth are shining like the top of the Chrysler building, you’ll want to keep them sparkling. Treat yourself to Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste. No, you won’t find this Italian brand just anywhere. There’s nothing run of the mill about this refreshing toothpaste that freshens your breath and fights plaque with invigorating peppermint oil.


The deep lines around your mouth, nicknamed "puppet lines," will only get deeper as you age. Give the area around your mouth some special attention with Kiehl’s Age Defender Moisturizer. This powerhouse cream tightens and brightens your skin using Linseed Oil and Salicylic Acid.


And don’t forget your beard and mustache. Dry facial hair lacks shine and luster and can make you appear tired and old. Use Grooming Lounge Whisker Sauce Beard Conditioner to pour new life into your man mug.


Are your lips dry and flaking? You can mix up a natural exfoliating scrub with a little coconut oil, brown sugar, and honey. Exfoliate and then top them off with a moisturizing balm. And don’t forget the sunscreen. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm will protect your kisser from sun and windburn with an SPF 25.

This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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