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To Hell With New Year's Resolutions! Stay Motivated Every Damn Day

Photo by Jennifer Ryan Jones

Have your New Year’s resolutions already gone belly up? What about the rest of your “New Year, New You” intentions? Yep, ours too. And it's all good. Turns out if you really want to make lasting lifestyle changes you don’t need to start when the ball drops. So, if you've fallen down on your fitness, financial or family ambitions, it's time to get after it again. Pick yourself up off the mat and get into the ring with Noah Neiman, co-founder of Rumble Boxing for some goal crushing inspiration.


You're an incredibly disciplined guy, what’s your secret?

There’s no secret sauce or get motivated quick scheme. Just deliberate and constant hustle despite of your current feelings. The more you do; The more you can do.


The third week in January seems to be about the time that most people bail on their New Year’s resolutions. Do you have any tips for staying focused on your goals?

Eliminate options of quitting. Most people just let giving up be a viable option out. If you really are determined, that determination doesn't just change with the turn of a calendar page. It's ingrained in your DNA. If your motivation is tied to your iPhone Calendar date, then you better turn on Find My Deeper Sense of Motivation, because you already lost it. Consistency is king. Quitting can't be an option.


You’ve obviously achieved your fitness goals, but you’ve also had huge success as Rumble Boxing turns 1 and partners with Equinox. Would you say your workouts and lifestyle have been a springboard for all your business accomplishments?

Why I love training so much has nothing to do with the aesthetic benefits, and at times even the health benefits. The principles and tenants of success in the gym, and boxing, directly parallel life. Overcoming adversity, consistent effort in the face of fatigue and adversity, pushing through the shots and growing pains you take. That ethic applied to my work mentality is directly attributed to my personal and financial success. I don't work out to build my body. I work out to free myself from it. Freedom from depression, doubt, lethargy, anxiety, fatigue and lack of confidence.


New Year’s resolutions often fail because people bite off more than can chew. Where should the average guy start if he wants to get shredded? 

You have to treat everyday like its your first and your last. Consistency is king. No substitute for putting in the work. Its not about reinventing yourself just because its a new year. Its about waking up and doing something everyday that contributes your progression towards the person you want to be. Regardless of what you did yesterday, your feelings, or what you plan on doing tomorrow.


What’s in your gym bag? And do you bring your lunch to work?

Jump Rope, boxing wraps, Eboost pre-workout packets and protein packets, WINNINGS boxing gloves, Beats Headphones, watch carrying case from Material Good ( I love watches, so I   always bring a case to safely store my watch when I take it off). I'm one of those I'll eat when I can people. Sometimes I eat 2-3 huge meals a day. Some days I just pop in and out of places to get quick snacks. I know my body, so I don't really prep meals to carry around. This is NYC, so I'm surrounded by fuel spots.


What are your favorite fitness apps for tracking progress?

I use my Apple Watch but I’m more off a ‘lets wake up and do some dope shit today’. I don’t count my calories. Track my workouts. I just put in a crazy amount of work everyday like its my first day in the gym, like its my last day in the gym… it keeps me hungry and paying the rent that’s due everyday.


Do you believe in New Year’s resolutions and did you make one?

Hahahhahahaah... reading the above, what do you think! I resolve to improve myself every day so that I can better serve others. I have Ali tatted on my arm, and I look at him every day to remind myself that "service to others is rent due for my place on earth." That's a philosophy ingrained in my DNA that I practice daily. Not one that I read in a fortune cookie that I got at a restaurant December 31st as the ball dropped. Resolve to be better 365 days a year. Not just on 1.

This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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