by Jennifer Ryan Jones June 23, 2018 2 min read

Like the rest of your wardrobe, your sunglasses speak volumes about the kind of guy you are. Do you rock your shades at night like the dudes from Jersey Shore? Or do you prefer looking more fly like Tom Cruise in Top Gun? Whether you choose plastic, or metal frames, dark or colored lenses the pair your wear conveys a lot about your personal style. And they sit on your face; so choosing a pair deserves some special attention. Get inspired with these sunglasses made famous in the movies. But before investing in your next pair, there are more than just looks to consider.

When Will You Wear Them The Most?

While wearing sunglasses isn't exclusive to summer, they are indeed a necessity when the sun is shining. They cut glare, but they also block out the harmful UV rays that can affect your eyes the same way they do your skin. And squinting less at the sun means less wrinkling around your eyes. See, they’re good for more than just hiding a hangover or covering up your lack of sleep. Sunglasses help you see better. Getting the right fit and proper lenses can give your golf game an edge, help you hit those moguls, and bike that extra mile. Are you on or in the water a lot? If so, polarized lenses will reduce the glare. Or if you hike from dawn to dusk, photochromic lenses can help your eyes adjust to the changing light.

Which Shape is Best For You?

Start with your face shape. If you have square features, frames with curved lines can soften your strong jawline. And the opposite is true if your face is rounder. Avoid those little John Lennon specs. Instead, go for rectangular, geometric and horizontal shapes like Wayfarers that will lengthen your mug. You should also consider your skin tone when selecting a color for your frames. It can be hard to judge when your wearing sunglasses. Our pro tip, try on a few different pairs, take some selfies and see which looks best. If you consider yourself a classic guy, you can’t go wrong with these iconic frames that have stood the test of time.

Tom Cruise’s Randolph Aviators in Top Gun



Cary Grant’s Arnels  North by Northwest


Tom Cruise’s Ray-Ban Wayfarers in Risky Business


Robert Di Nero’s Randolph Aviators in Taxi Driver



Matthew Broderick’s Ray-Ban Clubmasters in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Steve McQueen’s Persols  The Thomas Crowne Affair