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The Best Body Washes From Molton Brown

Photo by Conor LaRocque

How much thought do you put into buying body wash? Most likely not as much as Molton Brown puts into making body wash. MB has been producing bath and body products from its London headquarters since 1973 -  and you won’t find any blandly labeled “cool,” “clean,” or “fresh” bottles rolling out under their watch. They concoct creative scents using surprising ingredients that improve how you feel. So, if you’re ready to buck the mainstream, start by assembling a body wash arsenal with these great options from Molton Brown.


Pep in Your Step: The most popular and acclaimed body wash in the MB lineup, you know you’re getting a trusted ally on your freshness quest in Black Peppercorn. Offering a spicy, invigorating scent and infused with black pepper oil, it detoxifies the body and boosts circulation. With a cleansed body and awakened senses, you’ll be starting the day refreshed and alert.


Your Body (Wash) is a Temple: As much as showering can be about waking up and warming yourself up for the day ahead, it needn’t be a hasty rev of the engine. Perhaps you want a no-rush, calming, cooling clean thing. Meditate then, on the Templetree Body Wash. Its sea silk proteins will leave your skin feeling fresh, moisturized, and perhaps even spiritually reawakened. Fragrances like Jasmine, Sandalwood, and Laotian Templetree flower (historically planted on temple grounds) team up to send out peaceful vibes so you can relax and regroup.


The Giving Tree: Here’s a comforting option for those urban workers who want to leave behind the bustle and grind after clocking out. The GL Handsome Award-winning Silver Birch washes away that city grime and replaces it with the fresh, inviting scent of an outdoor oasis. It’s made from extracts from the bark and leaves of its namesake Silver Birch tree, and works in tandem with ingredients like Bergamot and Cedarwood so you’ll smell like trees that please. Consider yourself one with nature.


Love Haiti: It may be a relatively new addition to the MB line, but Vetiver & Grapefruit is already garnering praise for its summery citrus scent. This symphony of fragrance notes includes the refreshing aroma of grapefruit and the Caribbean flair of Haitian vetiver. This tropically inspired wash is a great-smelling summertime choice, and it even looks like sunshine in a bottle.


Yes ‘Euc’ Can: Bathing doesn’t just have to be a box you check (hopefully daily). It’s also a way to heal. Whether you’re feeling banged up after a tough work day, reeling from a bout of intense exercise, or grappling with the ill effects of head congestion, you’ll want the restorative power of Eucalyptus nearby when you shower off. It’s packed with eucalyptus oil, which soothes achy muscles and unclogs stuffy noggins so you can go back to being your best self.


Catch Some Zhi’s: A good night’s sleep is a white whale for some, but for you it’s totally achievable. The Ylang-Ylang Body Wash, made from the South Chinese plant Yuan Zhi, moisturizes and relieves stress as you unwind from a long day. The Yuan Zhi has a long track record of balancing one’s energy (or Chi). So although the sun sets in the west, you’ll want to be mindful of this soothing Eastern influence when it comes time for bed.


Other Fan Favorites: Molton Brown’s successful innovations don’t stop here. The Russian Leather Wash, for example, combines Siberian Pine Oil and Leather Accord to bring the woodsy, vigorous smell of Russia right to your shower. Then there’s the Tobacco Absolute, which is far from a dirty habit. Its bold tobacco notes are balanced by citrus for a truly unique cleaning experience. Check out these and others in MB’s diverse line.

This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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