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The 5 Best Aftershave Balms For Men’s Skin

Photo by Michael Gilman

You can prep your skin to perfection, use a freshly unpacked blade and handle your razor like a Master Barber -- but if you don't complete your shave with the application of a great post shave product -- all your upfront work will probably go down the tubes. You see, shaving, no matter how well the morning ritual is performed, takes a toll on a man's skin.  Every blade pass removes not only the hair it's supposed to, but also layers of skin and essential oils and nutrients key to keeping a face looking and feeling comfortable and healthy.

That's where a superior post-shave balm comes in.  Upper-crust versions of aftershave creams do a great service to just-shaved faces, soothing and calming them down by re-upping skin with the moisture, nutrients and sometimes disinfectants they require to be their best.

So, if you're looking to end your shaves with "ahhhhhhhhs" rather than "owwwwwwws," it'd be a solid idea to try out one of our 5 favorite men's post-shave balms:


Grooming Lounge Best For Last Aftershave

Ultra-refreshing and soothing balm calms down and revitalizes even the most sensitive skin after shaving. The antidote for annoying razor irritation and discomfort. Super creamy and soothing. Developed and used daily in Grooming Lounge Barbershops.

Grooming Lounge Best For Last Aftershave


Anthony After Shave Balm

A grease-less, quickly absorbed emulsion that moisturizes, soothes and calms razor irritation after shaving. Enriched with essential oils that rejuvenate faces and "put out facial fires." Incredibly refreshing.

Anthony After Shave Balm


Recipe For Men After Shave Balm

Uber-soothing, oil-free post-shave balm heals redness and cranky skin with ease. Formula uses Allantoin to calm down razor burn and a combo of other top-notch ingredients to prevent post-shave dryness and irritation.

Recipe for Men After Shave Balm


urth Post Shave Elixir

Post shave treatment packs a bit of "bite" and is the perfect solution for razor burn, redness and tough ingrown hairs. A soothing blend of calming Chamomile and Calendula immediately calm and reduce irritation.
Urth Post Shave Elixir
Delivers instant and lasting comfort from shave irritation. Immediately relieves burning, stinging and redness. Activates skin's defense system to accelerate the natural healing process. Excellent for sensitive skin.
Lab Series for Men Razor Burn Relief Ultra

This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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