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Plus Size Fashion For Dudes, Because Now Bigger Really Is Better

Photo by Jennifer Ryan Jones

Body positivity is having a well-earned fashion moment. And we’re not just talking about the ladies. Move over Ashley Graham, the big guys have arrived and they’re ready to shop. Size matters and so does style. After decades of slim pickings, designers and retailers are ready to style the brawny guy. Finally men’s plus size fashion is moving beyond the basic big and tall selection towards trendier more current offerings. Big dudes have more choices than ever before. If you’re a brawny guy that enjoys looking good or just looking for some fresh fashion inspiration, follow Ryan Dziadul on the gram @extraextrastyle. And here are some of his thoughts on being “an XXL dude living in a slim fit world”.

What inspired you to start your Instagram account @extraextrastyle?

I’ve been a big guy my whole life, and I’ve been interested in fashion my whole life. But I never saw anyone talking about brands and styles that would work on my frame, so I decided to create that resource myself. I also wanted to show brands that there is a segment of the population they’re ignoring – big guys want to shop and look good, but oftentimes the selection out in the market is abysmal. Brands: help us spend our money!

We all want to dress for success. What are some of the problems facing bigger dudes when it comes to looking sharp for the office?

Lack of selection and outdated fits. There’s not much out there when it comes to office wear; often the choices are limited to boring colors in basic silhouettes. I like navy and grey as much as the next guy, but sometimes I want to wear a pink shirt too, you know?

And the fits – straight from the 80s circa American Gigolo. I want pants that fit my waist, but I don’t want legs that are billowy enough to hide Richard Gere in. It’s a rough world out there for big guys!

You’re a fashionable guy. Which brands and designers are doing right when it comes to plus size men’s fashion?

Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, and Lands End are my go-tos. But being plus size means you have to get creative and look at places you might not normally think of – I’m 35, but my favorite shorts are from teenage-beloved American Eagle Outfitters, as is a chambray shirt I couldn’t live without (size XXXL). And jeans from Old Navy are so good – I appreciate that they offer fashion forward washes in sizes up to 48.

For luxe weekend wear, I’m super into what the guys at Good Counsel are doing, too.

What are your thoughts about using a plus size subscription boxe like Winston Box to elevate your style?

 I haven’t tried it, but I’d love to (Winston Box, are you listening?) and I love that it’s at least an option. More choices are always better

Do you have any styling tips or favorite accessories that can help bigger dogs stand apart from the pack?

Big guys learn about the power of accessories quickly because our clothing choices can often be so limited. Don’t be afraid of a pocket square, a hat, or a festive sock (maybe not all at once). We’ve got a big canvas to work with - decorate it. Something as small as tie clip or a lapel pin shows that you’re pulled together and care about your look – and they fit, no matter what size you are.

Let’s talk fit. We believe in using a good tailor. Triple XL shirts and trousers bought off the rack can look sloppy. What should brawny guys be telling their tailors in order to tighten up the look?

Tailoring is everything. Often clothes for big guys are just cut like a huge sack, and that’s not what humans are shaped like. You might have a thick chest but a smaller waist, or a big stomach but thin arms – take in where you can take in so you’re not swimming in excess fabric. Don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want – you’re the customer.

All stylish guys have a good grooming regime. What are your favorite products and do you have a signature scent?

 There are certain things I buy over and over and over again (and will, until they discontinue them at which point I will stalk eBay for every last remaining bottle, tube, or tub):

  • Bumble & bumble Grooming Crème: the only thing I have used in my hair since 2005.
  • Proraso Shaving Cream: Looks chic on your shelf because it’s Italian (people don’t have to know it only costs 10 bucks)
  • Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Soap: I’m 35 but have skin like a teenager. This is only thing that keeps my acne in check.
  • Old Spice High Endurance deodorant: The ultimate, the only.
  • Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum: I don’t know what it does, but I know it does something.

For fragrance, I’m a scent polygamist: I’m married to a bunch. I love Hermes’s Pamplemousse Rose and Rhubarbe Ecarlate and The Art of Shaving’s Green Lavender is a new favorite, too. Diptyque Philosykos, Bulgari Au The Vert….I could go on and on.


This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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