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Men's Haircuts That Will Have You Looking Like A Movie Star

Photo by Michael Gilman

If you’ve got enough hair (and we all know that’s never a given), there are some good-looking style options out there for gents this summer and beyond. We got together with Grooming Lounge Master Grooming Experts Ann Shim and Kaylee Malone to review some of these stylish men's haircuts, showcase a celeb who’s doing the style justice and to tell you what products might be best to make each look a reality for you.  Of course, you’ll need a great Barber or Hairstylist to start things off right – and we’ve mentioned in a previous article (like this one), how to find that perfect cutter.

Our old pal Brad (above) is sporting what most call an Undercut. It’s extremely short on the sides, faded up from the bottom, with a longer top that is usually worn pushed back.  This haircut is very disconnected -- meaning there is no real blending area between the top and the sides.  The very front portion of the top is usually longer in order for it to sit back properly.

This look definitely requires some quality styling products in order to keep it looking proper. Try Jack Black Hair Gel for more of a wet look or Grooming Lounge Some Hair Goop for those with thicker hair who need additional hold.


In order to have a look like Thor (or is the picture above his brother – the one who dates Miley Cyrus?) a gent would need a good head of hair with a longer length -- and enjoy a more laid-back appearance. But laid-back doesn’t mean unprofessional and this super hero of men's haircuts is a great way to have a professional look while maintaining some length. Preserving such a style requires getting mini haircuts -- meaning you should go see a pro to cut your hair while growing it to this length. That way the Barber/Stylist can help you get to this length while keeping some kind of shape. For this look, the top is longer than the sides. The sides are layered and "lived in" around the hairline. "Lived in" means that it looks neat, but is also soft and “piecy” as opposed to cleanly carved out.

Because this hairstyle has more length to it -- you don't want a styling product that's too tacky or sticky. You want to keep a loose hold with low volume. Try Grooming Lounge Some Hair Cream. It can be applied to either towel dried or dry hair.


The Jake-ster is sporting one of those classic men's haircuts that never goes out of style. It's pretty much a short, cropped, finger length haircut with lots of texture on top for versatility. The top is usually slightly longer than the sides and the sides are short -- but not so short as to expose scalp. The top is cut with lots of texture in order to show movement. The top can be worn messy... or more clean and conservative and pushed to the side. It's a great men's haircut because you can get two very different looks from it.

The best product to achieve this look would be Grooming lounge's Some Hair Stuff.  It should be applied to completely dry hair and only a finger dab of product is required.

He “ can’t stop the music,” but he can have some sweet hair. Justin’s look is great because it has a little bit of length on top -- but is short enough on the sides to keep you feeling fresh for summer. This is one of the best men's haircuts to go with a beard because of the blended sideburns. The sides of this haircut are usually clippered pretty short. The top is left longer so it can be combed to the side and pushed off the forehead.

To get this look, try Grooming Lounge Some Hair Goop. It has enough hold to keep the top pushed over and off the forehead and provides a low shine. It should be applied to dry hair only and just a finger dab is plenty.

Please let us know any additional cut or style suggestions you may have or send us a picture of your hair if it's "dope." You can also check out our hair styling aid generator to determine which hair styling aid is right for you.

This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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