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Men’s Jewelry – What’s Acceptable & What’s Not

Photo by Doc Handsome

Perhaps you’re more comfortable with the phrase “masculine adornments” than “men’s jewelry,” but whatever you wish to call these items, their high visibility makes an impression. If you’re eager to grasp this extra opportunity at expressing your personal style and beliefs, it’s important to be mindful about what you’re putting out there. It’s also important not to buckle beneath the weight of too many accessories. So unless you happen to be Criss Angel and can levitate despite wearing a boatload of bling, you’re better off with a more streamlined approach.


Wrist-y Business

As most of us rely on our phones as timekeepers these days, wristwatches have persisted more as style statements than functional equipment—unless one counts smartwatches. Speaking of which, the smartwatch, for all its useful data-tracking, is probably more suitable for casual occasions or personal time. When at work or in a romantic setting, consider instead a sleek classic piece with a large, but not-too-busy clock face and a strap that fits comfortably without sliding around.  The Minimalist Watch by Linjer (pictured here) projects sophistication without being distracting.


More Wrist-y Business

You can bangle, but don’t dangle. Loose-fitting bracelets or bracelets featuring pendants and charms aren’t recommended for men. Aside from being a bit garish and jangly, imagine going in for a firm handshake and your wrist sounds like a wind chime. Feel free to explore TrendSpotter’s rundown of “cool” bracelets if you’re looking to be inspired. Leather wristbands and stacking bracelets are acceptable and even anchors are acceptable as well (Fitting in with the comeback anchor-themed attire has made). When it comes to wrist wear though, don’t go overboard and ask yourself: “If I live in a landlocked state with hardly a boat in sight, does it make sense for me to wear an anchor bracelet?” The choice is yours, but you’ll notice the developing theme here is “Don’t Overdo It.”


Ear on the Side of Caution

There’s really no practical element about earrings. But if you want to take the plunge and decorate those lobes, be really subtle about it. Think small and simple (studs for example), muted colors and stay symmetrical — meaning both ears. Christiano Ronaldo is known for his well-groomed, stylish appearance and earrings play a big role in his style off the field, but he ditches the diamonds when he hits the pitch and you should probably keep them off at your own place of business too.


Preen Lantern

Whether it’s union in marriage, a glory-days sports championship, or Freemason membership, significant life events are often recalled through the sentimental power of rings. But it’s important to find an appropriate balance: On the one hand, many rings can project a man’s breadth of experience; on the other hand, many rings can also make a man seem oversaturated (or simply make it difficult to type an e-mail). For those who have nothing beyond a wedding band but desire an additional decorative touch, forego tacky mood rings and ostentatious, gem-jammed monsters in favor of signet rings. The signet’s a great way to introduce personality without overselling. For those interested in learning more about the history of the signet ring, peruse this article by Gentleman’s Gazette.


By the Throat

Unless it bears a locket, dog tags or a chunk of Voldemort’s soul, the necklace is another item meant only for show. It’s important to remember that this accessory works in tandem with whatever shirt you’re wearing, and can add a little extra panache to a casual look. Simple and slender chain necklaces are commonly deemed acceptable (Miansai has an interesting lineup for you anchor enthusiasts), as are leather banded necklaces — but let’s keep beads to a minimum. As is the case with all jewelry, keep it simple – the goal of your look should be subtle masculinity.


Cuff ‘Em

Although cufflinks do serve the practical purpose of linking cuffs, their presence is often deemed insufferably hoity-toity in casual settings. Half the battle is knowing when to bust them out (think weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, oboe recitals, etc.) Also keep in mind the tone of the occasion. For more somber or serious gatherings, a plain silver set could work very well. More casual events, meanwhile, grant you the opportunity to bust out more extravagant pieces (as did this fellow with the gator links). For more information regarding the vast variety of cufflinks, check out this guide by Gentleman’s Guru.

This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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