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Heavy Metal: The Best Safety Razor Blades You Can Buy

Photo by Jennifer Ryan Jones

Trading in your disposable for a safety razor can give you a new lease on smoothing up. With a little bit of practice, you'll master the precision strokes and enjoy a much closer shave with less irritation and fewer shaving bumps. But remember, using the wrong blade is like pumping the cheapest gas into the tank of your Porsche. If you want to get the best performance from your safety razor, you’ll need the best safety razor blade. When choosing a brand, consider your shaving technique, the thickness of your beard, and how sensitive your skin is. And keep in mind, no matter what the lifespan of your blade it’s still much cheaper than using a cartridge razor. We’ve pulled together this list of the best razor blades. Take one for a test a drive!



Of all the brands on this list, Merkur has carved out the biggest name for themselves in the shaving community. Merkur is known for their durable, dependable products and their blades are no different. Made in Germany, these stainless steel blades are platinum coated to protect the skin during each pass with the razor. These blades are sharp without being overly aggressive, making them great for beginners and pros alike. You know you’re getting a best-in-class option with a Merkur blade.



Once you become a seasoned safety-razor veteran, you can trade up to a sharper more aggressive blade. Why? Because using a sharper blade requires you to make fewer passes with the razor, resulting in less irritation. Made in Japan, Feather blades have developed a solid reputation for being the sharpest on the market. These blades are platinum-coated to protect the skin and are quite durable before dulling.



Wilkinson double-edge blades are designed for guys prone to shaving irritation. These blades remain sharp while utilizing a triple coating of Teflon to reduce friction and allow the blade to glide easily over skin with virtually no irritation. The added coating, combined with the high-quality, German stainless steel gives these blades excellent durability and value.



Made in Russia, Astra has built up a trustworthy reputation as a long-lasting blade. And although they are considered slightly more aggressive than their Japanese counterpart, Astra is able to replicate a similarly close shave to Feather blade without being as sharp.



Russian made, Voskhod blades have built their reputation on being long-lasting razors that hold their sharp edge well. In fact, these blades seemingly get sharper after the first shave. And while you never want to rush your morning shaving ritual, slips happen. The Teflon coatings on these blades provide superb protection and are the most forgiving of the occasional nick or cut.




Shark is a newer brand of double-edge blades circling the scene. Shark is also one of the sharpest brands available while remaining suitable for sensitive skin. A unique polymer coating allows for maximum razor glide, making each shave super-close without the burn.




Treets are solid in all aspects. They provide a smooth shave and have a reputation for being decently sharp without being over the top. Given these specs, Treet blades are best suited for gents that don’t have very thick, coarse beard hair or are prone to irritation. And their low price point makes them an easy blade to try out.





Sample Pack

Not sure which blade to go with? Grab them all and save in the process. Our Double-Edge Sampler Pack provides a pack of blades for every brand we carry so that you’ll have more than enough time at a fraction of the cost to find the blades that best meet your needs.

This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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