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Get Your Clothes To Fit With Air Tailor

Photo by Jennifer Ryan Jones

You're a total pro and already know, that when it comes to climbing the ladder of success, you should always dress to impress. But before blowing that big bonus on a new dress shirt, that’s only slightly different than one you bought last year, take stock in the clothing you already own. Start by getting your closet organized. Be strategic. Make sure you can see everything you have and that items for the current season are up front and easy to get to. Be ruthless about ditching or donating the clothing you don’t wear, and make a pile of everything that needs to be repaired and altered by a professional tailor. Keep your eyes peeled for those trousers you were too lazy to hem, your favorite jacket with the broken zipper and that shirt you should've never bought online.

Your goal is to look like a boss while getting the most bang for your buck. And time is money. Enter Air Tailor, a nationwide service that provides alterations and repairs on demand via text. It’s super convenient. You sign up; they’ll send you their Welcome Kit complete with pinning instructions and shipping label. Pop your garment in the mail and in about five days your lucky shirt will be back on your doorstep. Think of the ROI that comes with shopping in your very own closet. We caught up with Air Tailor Founder & CEO, Joshua Adam Brueckner to get the inside track.

What inspired you to launch Air Tailor?

I’m tall and lanky and to put it simply: clothes don’t fit me. There are people like me all over the Earth and sadly, retailers have yet to grasp that one size does not fit all. I can’t help but smile when I think about just how much we are revolutionizing our industry and making clothing alterations and repairs more accessible to everyday people.

Tell us why your clients love it.

Our clients love that Air Tailor is a reliable service that caters to their lifestyle. We are available anytime our clients need us via text, whether they want to ask a question or place an order. We have scoured the country for the highest quality tailors, so our customers can rest easy knowing that their garments are in good hands. And they especially love knowing that their clothes will be returned within a week, better than ever.

How welcoming is the Air Tailor Welcome Kit? Is it easy to use?

The Welcome Kit is awesome, it includes everything our customers need to get started and is mailed directly to them after signing up. It includes a handy guide that walks them through how to place an order (spoiler alert: you can just text us!). We also send safety pins, collar stays, and an Air Tailor measuring tape in case they need it. A cool thing about our service is that if you have a pair of pants or shirt that fits you perfectly, you can send it to us as a sample garment and we can replicate the fit on anything else you send through. So, we also give our clients special stickers to label their sample garments. In addition, we include the packaging a customer needs to send us their first order. And best of all, we are there for our customers every step of the way, so if they have any questions, we are only a text away.

Do you have any tips on how to help your tailor get it just right?

We have great pinning guides on our website that provide some excellent tips. We definitely recommend washing new clothing before deciding where you want to take it in. When marking your hems, think about what shoes you want to wear with them and hem based on the heel height. Again, sending sample garments is a great way to show our tailors exactly what you want. We love it if you can save buttons that have fallen off, or provide the replacements, but our tailors can also find an approximate match for you. For any other questions, just shoot us a text message and our team is happy to lend a hand or offer advice.

This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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