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Four Fresh Ways To Keep Swamp Ass At Bay

Photo by Jennifer Ryan Jones

Scorching temps and oppressive heat can cause a mixed bag of summer grooming issues. Along with oily skin, sunburns, back hair, and breakouts there's the most dreaded of all, swamp ass. As if pit stains aren't bad enough, getting up from a chair or out of your car with a sweaty butt can be downright mortifying. Embarrassing secretion situation aside, having damp drawers is downright uncomfortable. And let's face it, the aroma permeating from your personal summer stew isn't so pleasant. Be cool. It’s all about moisture management. Here’s how you beat the heat while staying dry and dignified.


The glands where you have the most hair, the scalp, pits, and groin produce different sweat from the rest of your body. The odor-causing bacteria love it but your significant other, probably not so much. Trim the hair down there, and you’ll get rid of the stink. You don’t have to go completely bare, but clean it up, and you'll be significantly more cool and comfortable.



Yep! And if you’re confused about this sheet, head to You can also take these flushable, individually wrapped Dude Wipes on the road. At 44 square inches, there's enough wipe for even the biggest of backsides. Stash them in your desk drawer, gym bag, and glove compartment and feel clean and refreshed whenever duty calls.



Allowing some air to circulate around the frank and beans is essential to keeping things fresh. Mack Weldon AIRKNITx trunks are made from a microfiber blend that wicks moisture away from the family jewels. These drawers stay dry and have an anti-odor finish making them perfect for working out or just sitting around in your underwear on a hot summer day.



Nobody enjoys a moist ass crack. When it comes to absorbing sweat, a good powder will keep swamp ass under control. It will also reduce friction and keep the stink away. Sprinkle Grooming Lounge Super Powder everywhere. Yes, everywhere! Get all your man parts, pits, chest and feet too. It absorbs sweat, fights chafing and stops itching. You’re welcome.


This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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