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by Doc Handsome September 07, 2018 2 min read

This is in no way related to men's grooming or your daily life. And no... it’s not that we couldn’t come up with a new idea for a blog post. Instead,  it’s just that people love their dogs and love looking at other people’s dogs. So, we thought we’d showcase a few of the Grooming Lounge team's “best friends” and give you some scoop on these handsome pooches. And lastly, we figure this was the last weekend we could use the header "Dog Days Of Summer."


Theodore (Teddy) - Faith, Virginia Barbershop & Spa Manager

Name: Teddy

Age: 3

Breed:  Shih-Tzu/Silky Terrier mix

Favorite Toy/ Activity: Tug-of-war

More About Teddy: Teddy can frequently be found trying to gather food from counters much taller than him.


February Rose (Rose for short) - Sophia, Director Of Finance & Operations

Name: Rose

Age: 4

Breed: Poodle  

Favorite Toy/ Activity: Give her some mud, an open space and some creatures to chase after and she's all good

More About Rose: The big hairdo is indicative of her smarts – she loves learning new tricks such as the rollover and shake.


Gunther - Patrick, Director of E-Commerce

Name: Gunther

Age: 12

Breed: Pug  

Favorite Toy/ Activity: Being lazy, napping on the back of the couch

More About Gunther: Patrick’s daughters love their American Girl Dolls and Gunther feels right at home sleeping in the tent meant for these dolls.


Sophie - John, Online Experience Manager

Name: Sophie

Age: 3

Breed: Mini Bernedoodle  

Favorite Toy/ Activity: Squeaky stuffed-animal skunk

More About Sophie: Sitting directly on top of the air conditioning vent when she’s tired.


Roxy - April, Accounting

Name: Roxy

Age: 11

Breed: Blue-Tick Hound and Black Lab mix   

Favorite Toy/ Activity: Eating whatever she can get her paws on

More About Roxy: She is a caring dog that takes care of all other animals that come through her home, which most recently includes a baby lamb and kitten.


Mischa – Tito, Distribution Center Manager

Name: Mischa

Age: 10

Breed: Mut   

Favorite Toy/ Activity: Taking naps and stealing the cat’s food

More About Mischa: Her greatest attribute is her jumping skills, in fact she’s such a good jumper that Tito had to get a taller fence. Also enjoys licking peanut butter off Tito's forehead.


CoCo - Brittni, Director of Stores

Name: CoCo

Age: 7

Breed: American Bulldog

Favorite Toy/ Activity: Curling up next to you and resting her head on your lap

More About CoCo: CoCo doesn’t know what to do when people start dancing around her – causing her to jump around frantically, barking in confusion. She also gets very excited when her mom does the "coffee grinder".


Roxy - Mike Gilman, Founder

Name: Roxy

Age: 6 (Photo taken from her glory days)

Breed: Golden Doodle   

Favorite Toy/ Activity: Unsuccessfully chasing the family of foxes that often pass through "her" back yard. Also enjoys barking at absolutely nothing.

More About Roxy: Mike's kids gave Roxy a middle name, which is LuLu. Roxy also barks in her sleep and doesn't get the concept of playing fetch.