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Ask Doc Handsome: Frequently Asked Shaving Questions

Photo by Doc Handsome

QUESTION: I'm a shaving cream kinda guy, but am intrigued by shaving soap, what's the benefit?

ANSWER: While shaving creams are undoubtedly convenient and offer a world of benefits, for many guys choosing soap over cream it's just a matter of preference. Work up a lather of soap in your shaving mug with just a few circular swipes of your shave brush for a well-balanced lather that's neither drying nor oily. Our Experts recommend treating your mug to the classic, best-selling Truefitt and Hill Luxury Shave Soap – or check out our full selection of shaving soaps and find your new favorite.


QUESTION: My skin is super-sensitive, how can I get a great shave without destroying my face?

ANSWER: Preparation is always the key to success in everything... including shaving. To help guys with sensitive skin (and anyone else that wants an amazing shave) our Grooming Experts spent countless hours creating "The Greatest Shave Ever." It’s about a 10-minute experience from prepping your face with the right face wash to preventing irritation with our signature post-shave cream, The Shavior. Check out the full details here, watch the video and pick up your kit that’ll put you on the road to success.



QUESTION: What blade do you recommend for my double edge razor?

ANSWER: Most guys swear by their blades, but it takes time to settle into a favorite. Whether you’ve been using Astra, Gillette, Wilkinson or Feather – a sampler pack is the way to try them all without breaking the bank. For $28 (or the price of about 2 of those 27-blade monstrosities) we’ll send you 9 packs of our favorite blades, you’re sure to find your favorite.



QUESTION: How can I up my aftershave game?

ANSWER: The team here at Grooming Lounge can’t stand razor burn, breakouts or ingrown hairs. Nothing can destroy confidence faster than a big red bump on that chin or neck. Within the labs of our Luxury Barbershops we set out to create a product that would help erase any "wrongs" that happened during the shaving process. The Shavior not only helps to soothe and treat irritated skin, but the primary active ingredients were hand selected as master multi-taskers to put the kibosh on any skin irritation that could ruin a shaving experience. This is why it’s a best seller and recipient of the esteemed Men’s Health Men’s Grooming Award.


QUESTION: How can I properly honor the memory of the legendary Burt Reynolds?

ANSWER: Burt Reynolds famously said "we’re only here for a little while, and you’ve got to have some fun, right?" So whether you break out Smokey and the Bandit, raise a glass of your favorite libation, or maybe even grow out that ‘stache – whatever you do, be sure you have fun. That said, if you choose the latter, do yourself (and Burt’s memory) a favor with a daily dose of Whisker Sauce. Keeps itchy faces at bay while softening whiskers and moisturizing the often-ignored skin beneath. Offers light styling control and features a refreshing lime scent.


This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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