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6 Ridiculous Homes You Can Buy Right Now (If You Have A Spare $800 Mill Lying Around)

Photo by Doc Handsome

If you’re in the market for a new home and happen to be in the top .02%, this post's for you. For the rest of us, perhaps it'll be a fun distraction or motivator to hustle even harder. Either way, take a look at some of the most expensive homes on earth and what they're asking folks to shell out for them.


1: Villa les Cedres

Location: Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, France

List Price: $418 Million

If your desire is to own a French villa, this is your shot. Villa les Cedres is situated in the stunning town of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, an exclusive peninsula in southern France, just outside of Nice.  The house, built in 1830, occupies 35 acres and comes with all the perks you would expect from such a property, including a myriad of antiques and a library complete with 3,000 rare and valuable books.


2: Chartwell Estate

Location: Bel Air, California

List Price: $350 Million

The most-expensive private home in the history of the United States, this magnificent estate is located in the celebrity-packed, Los Angeles suburb. The 1930’s property takes its influence from French villa design and offers 15 bedrooms plus fabulous entertaining areas and a classic wine cellar. With 10.3 acres, it’s a valuable and very impressive property in an overcrowded city.


3: Sky Penthouse

Location: Odeon Tower, Monaco

List Price: $330 Million

Even in Monaco, a famed playground of the rich and famous, this five-story penthouse carries a hefty price tag. Another place where space is at a premium, the penthouse offers a 360 degree views across the Mediterranean Sea with its wraparound infinity pool and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. While all of that is plenty impressive, the biggest selling-point may be the massive water slide, which connects a glass-encased dance floor down to the infinity pool.


4: Mesa Vista Ranch

Location: Pampa, Texas

List Price: $250 Million

If you want your own private airport, golf course, chapel and dog kennel, then Mesa Vista is the place for you. This unbelievable 65,000 acre (about 100 square miles) ranch has everything you could ever want, or enough space to build it. There are over twenty man-made lakes, a two-story bar and some of the world’s best quail-hunting. For just a quarter billion dollars, the value is undeniable as it also includes pickup trucks, hunting vehicles and farm equipment.


5: Billionaire

Location: Bel Air, California

List Price: $250 Million

Located at 924 Bel Air Road, another Los Angeles home earns a spot on the list. An "excellent value," this home comes fully furnished, including the Bugatti Veyron, Pagani Huayra, Bell 222A Helicopter and Hobie 16 Catamaran -- saving you a trip to Ikea and the Toyota dealership. Even without all the Bells and whistles, this property has been redesigned since the days that Judy Garland called it home so that every inch is innovative and meticulously curated.


6: Lonsdaleite Estate

Location: St. Moritz, Switzerland

List Price: $185 Million

For the skiers among us, this wonderful estate is located in the Swiss Alps. Not only does it have its own private ski lift, it also offers a beautifully lit underground lake. When you’re not living it up outside, a $1.3 million movie theater, spa and wine cellar ensure a relaxing night in. The bottom floor of this seven story home features a six-car garage with a unique turntable so that no one is ever double-parked.


This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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