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5 Sweater Styles Knit for a King

Photo by Brock Siegel

Winter is a cruel, seemingly endless season with few clothing options at your disposable. One way to ensure you’re ready is to stock up on cozy classics -- winter sweaters. Having a sweater for every occasion will keep you from wearing the same one or two until they unravel. And since winter is prime time for layering up, it’s worthwhile to stock up. So, if you’re looking to diversify your 2019 winter wardrobe, start by exploring these reliable styles.


Crew and Usual

The crewneck’s longstanding popularity is mainly a result of its simplicity. Its straightforward style is great for casual settings and it can also serve as another layer in the fight against frigidity. Think of it as the sturdy foundation upon which your sweater style rests.


“V” for Victory

Arguably the crewneck’s more adventurous cousin, the V-neck sweater distinguishes itself by leaving room to accentuate an ensemble outfit. If you’ve put a lot of thought into an outfit, you should show it off. For example, the deeper cut offers viewers a modest taste of your clever shirt-tie combo, making it especially appropriate to wear around the office. Some men enjoy throwing a V-neck over a t-shirt to spruce up their style on a leisurely weekend – and while this isn’t currently ‘the rage’, we’ll let you be the judge of whether or not it works for you.


Cardi G

Often stigmatized as the attire of old men or stuffy prep-schoolers, the cardigan’s flexibility actually makes it an appropriate option for pretty much anywhere on the situational spectrum. Yes, there may be a time when you want to exude professorial wisdom -- in which case the cardigan can certainly do the trick. But with collar styles ranging from streamlined to 


Snappy Dresser

While the turtleneck can appear snooty to some (thanks a lot, Steve Jobs), one can also view it as the go-to style for men who want to project a little sensitivity and warmth. After all, the turtleneck is meant to provide extra warmth, shielding your bare neck against cold gusts. It’s flexible enough to wear under a blazer or in tandem with other sweater styles. Wear it to a ski lodge, walk around with a coffee mug in hand and you’ll look like you belong in a Hallmark holiday film while feeling nice and cozy. Or, don’t wear one at all if it doesn’t fit ‘your vibe.’


Scot Bod

Rounding off our list is the Fair Isle sweater, named for the Scottish island it originates from. Featuring bright colors and horizontal patterns, it’s the sweater you put on when you want to make a splash without sacrificing that masculine aura. As some designs can be a bit bold, the Fair Isle is most suitable for casual meetups. It’s also an easy way to make a strong personality statement.


Sweater Safety Note

It’s recommended you fold your sweaters rather than hang them, so the fibers don’t stretch.

This article was written and appeared on . Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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