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5 Great Wet Shaving Tips

Photo by Michael Gilman

We've been in this men's shaving game for a long time and have probably read, heard and written enough "how to shave" stories to fill an iPad's (one of the really high GB one's) entire memory.  But, there's been a bunch of both essential and random tips we've digested over the years that seem to stand out among the rest when it comes to ensuring a gent gets the best shave possible.  So, in no particular order, here's 5 shaving suggestions gleaned from more than 20 years in the shaving business that should help improve your morning shaving routine.



A great shave doesn't start with the application of shaving cream -- instead it should start well before.  So, before you put any shave stuff on that mug, it's essential to set your face up for success by cleansing skin with a targeted face cleanser or scrub and shaving in or right after taking a warm shower.  The steam from the shower and water will soften skin, open up pores and make everything that follows more comfortable.



A lot of shave irritation happens when guys shave against the direction of hair growth -- often referred to as "against the grain."  Sure, some faces are tough enough to take it, but for the rest of us it's key to have the razor follow the path that hair grows in.  And, it's really important to note that facial hair doesn't always grow straight up and down.  Sometimes it grows diagonally and even side to side sometimes.  So, without slicing, follow your directions for smoother results and fewer nicks, cuts and instances of irritation.



You can have a great shave in terms of comfort, but if you leave a little patch of hair under your nose or randomly on your neck, it's a crushing blow for the aesthetic section of your shaving grade. Make sure this doesn't happen by conducting a thorough review of your face before setting the razor down.  Additionally, using a see-through shave oil can be beneficial to allow you to view exactly what you are and aren't shaving.



Old-school aftershaves, the kind that are usually splashed on, might seem the most manly and probably smell real nice.  The flip side is that they often contain tons of alcohol, which is not ideal for skin that just went under the razor, had some key nutrients removed and is kind of raw.  Instead, a healthy shave should end with the application of a nutrient-rich post shave balm.  Such a product will infuse key nutrients back into skin, heal up most irritation and moisturize said face for the rest of the day.



Of course you're in a hurry.  Gotta' get to work, kids need something or nature is calling.  But, why not slow things down a bit and turn your shave into a bit of a relaxing and meditative experience.  It's a few minutes you'll have to yourself hopefully and by slowing things down, you'll be able to relax, focus on the details and ultimately enjoy a more comfortable shave.


This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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