Truefitt & Hill Aftershave Balm - Trafalgar


Truefitt & Hill Aftershave Balm - Trafalgar

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Scented with spicy Cedar, Sandalwood and invigorating Jasmine, soothing post-shave balm calms down even the most sensitive of skin.

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Revitalizing after shave balm, infused with spicy notes of Cedar, Sandalwood and Jasmine, is sure to chill out even the most sensitive of skin. Soothing and hydrating, formula is loaded with Aloe Vera and Lanolin helping keep the face smooth and soft. No wonder its the official post-shave balm of Britain's Royal Family (we guess thats a big deal over there).

Size: 3.4 oz.
Skin Type: All skin types
Fragrance: Spicy, Woody
Key Ingredients: Aloe, Lanolin
To Use: Smooth it on everywhere you shaved
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